Climbing this weekend


Hi Katherine,
Kris and Matt have leaped in and grabbed the car spaces for Portland I’m afraid but happy to meet you guys there if you want? We might have a spare guide and some gear…


@dizz_lizzie I think I’ll see how the 7s go first… maybe 8s in 10 years time!
I’ll train on overhangs in the meantime :relaxed:


When can we go :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Apparently, Agatha Christie used to come to Anstey’s cove for moonlight picnics with her friends! what a great idea. Night climbing! I wish someone would drive there from London… I could sort the picnic out :grinning:


Is anyone up for a trip THIS weekend oct 21-22nd? either one or both days?


Weather looks quite bad :anguished:


ah damn… although south coast doesn’t look too bad. Is British weather known to suddenly improve in one day?