Climbing this weekend

Hi all,
anyone up for a climbing trip this weekend?
Weather looks ok around Swanage and Peak :wink:

Could go with train to Hathersage for instance.



Hi Jan, do you fancy a day sport climbing at Portland? See if anyone else is interetsed?

Hi Jan,
I’d be up for a day trip on either day

I’m up for a trip but can only do this Saturday, got an event I can’t cancel on Sun.
Would be up for Portland, however I don’t have a car. Train to Weymouth is not too bad though? Or Hathersage is probably about the same.
Can do the whole of next weekend of 21-22nd :grinning:

Hi Jan,
Sounds good, I’d also be up for a trip and either day is fine. Can give a lift

Awesome Daniel! Sounds like you potentially have a full car already :slight_smile:

I’ve got a car and can do either Sat or Sun but prefer the coast to the Peak at the moment…

I’d love to share a car if one of the drivers decides to do Sat only :slight_smile:
prefer Portland to the peaks as you get a bit more climbing done in a day and the weather is generally better, but don’t mind too much.

I am up for some weekend climbing. Swanage and Cornwall look good, or Peaks on Sunday. I can drive.


Hi all,
it looks like there is appetite :0

Thanks for the feedback, which I summarized below (hope that reflects it).

Peter: car, both days (Swanage, Cornwall) or one day (Peaks, Swanage)
Omar: Saturday or Sunday for Portland
Jan: both days, preferredly Cornwall or Swanage but up for Peaks and
Portland day trips
Sean: car, Saturday or Sunday for Portland
Daniel: car, Saturday or Sunday for Portland
Tutu: Saturday only for Portland

Anyone else up for a whole weekend trip?



I’m okay with any of the places and can do two days :slight_smile:

On further contemplation, I would be up for two days as well, any location

damn, I wish I could do two days!
If it’s Portland or Swanage, I suppose I could join people for one day and take a train back Sat evening.

Hi all,
Peter and me are keen to go to Cornwall for the whole weekend (it is a bit
of driving which is not viable for a day only).

I think Peter usually leaves around 6.30pm on Friday from Oakwood station.

Cornwall is beautiful, has awesome cream teas and mega-climbing!

How does that sound? Who is in?

@Sean - sure you don’t want to do a whole weekend? Maybe Tutu and you can
arrange sth…



Hi Jan,
Cornwall is tempting but I can’t do the whole weekend…family stuff to do at home.

Tutu, I’m good for Portland on Saturday though, if you still fancy the day trip? And will have 2 spaces in the car if anyone else is keen?

Hi Sean, I’m still very keen on Portland for Saturday, haven’t been there in ages. Assuming you’d leave on Sat early morning?

Not for this weekend, but another good trip would be ansteys cove - either before gets too much like winter or spring …

Hi Tutu,
Yes, could you get to Tooting Broadway tube?

sure thing Sean, I can get to Tooting Broadway – what time were you thinking?

kind of 7.45, 8ish…how does that sound?