Climbing this weekend


yep I’m easy, I can do even earlier if necessary, TfL says it’s about 25 mins by tube to Tooting :slight_smile:


Hi All, Myself and a couple of others (who are not on the forum are
interested in a sport climbing trip. We are relative beginners (5+

Could do train to Hathersage or other location. Let me know if this might
work. I don’t have my own rope as yet so would ideally share one.


7.45 should be fine…


got a car going to Portland on Saturday with a couple of places free if you’re interested?


okay @Sean_Smith, Sat 7:45am Tooting broadway sounds good!
shall we discuss gear and stuff later? I’ve got the Dorset book, draws and a rope. If you’ve also got a rope and @K_Vin and her friend decide to come along, they can borrow one.
My number is 07965463672 just in case.


@dizz_lizzie Anstey’s cove looks amazing! I thought it sounds familiar, pretty sure I’ve seen photos of Steve McClure on some 8c+ there.


Yeah - good stuff at more doable grades too @Tutu :wink: - cocysis is amazing and i want to go on the two routes right of it … And empire of the sun if dry … Have to plan a trip for a dry low gravity weekend! :slight_smile:


Ha @dizz_lizzie I must’ve only remembered the photogenic overhanging walls which can be “easily” done in the rain! just have to get to that 8c level then it doesn’t matter if it’s dry or not :wink:


Hi Tutu, That’s cool. I’ve also got a book, rope and clips and I’ll throw them in as well so we’ve got enough gear to equip 2 teams if needs be.

My number is 07932 160284.

Catch up tomorrow or otherwise see you on Saturday…


that’s great Sean. @K_Vin let us know if you want to come then we can sort some gear out for you.


Hi all, I’m interested in a one dayer on Saturday.
What’s the latest on how many are going and car/kit?


hey @krisk looks like it’s Sean and myself going to Portland for Sat only, the others are doing the whole weekend.


Hi everyone,
I’d also be interested in sport climbing at Portland on Saturday if there’s any space. I’m a relative beginner, although I’ll have some gear with me (quickdraws and potentially a rope if needed).



Hi Kris and Matt there are still 2 places in the car for Portland on Saturday if you wanna hook up?


We’re meeting at Tooting Broadway Tube 7.45…


Hi Sean,

Sounds great - I’ll be there.




Yep sounds good to me too, although just need to check connections as I’m quite far up north London…


@krisk I thought the northern line now runs all night on Fri and Sat? that’s what I’ve heard anyway…


@Tutu luckily my 7s mainly stay dry too :wink: - happy to hold your ropes on the 8s :wink:


Hi All

I am now one of a group of 4(!) potentially up for climbing on Sat - we
have one rope between us and 15 quick draws. We are 2 experienced climbers
and 2 beginner.

We could look to travel under our own steam to Portland or another
accessible area. But, I thought to check back in to see if there were any
car spaces left ?