Christmas Curry 2018 12th December


Hi all
Well its that time of year again. The dark nights are here and the need for curry is strong!
As the Bree Louise is now no more due to HS2 I have taken the executive decision to relocate back to brick lane and have booked at Monsoon for 7.30/8pm.

I have booked for 20/30 for now. Can you register your interest on the spreadsheet so I can give final no.s when the time comes.

Meet in a suitable hostelry from 6pm tbc.
Afterparty also tbc but perhaps clubbing! Lets go large…:wink:x


Spreadsheet is view only @bullopolis




Does it work now?


For the yet-to-be-indoctrinated, by a suitable local hostelry, Martin of course means The Pride of Spitalfields:

Monsoon looks to be a promising choice - the first negative review is that the food arrived too quickly.


Dammit, that’s the third Christmas party in booked into that evening!


James O’Dwyer


@jimbo how could any other Christmas party trump the NLMC Curry?


No! Wail


Is trump a word one wishes to use now?


Can you please add me and Emmanuelle to your spreadsheet. (I would add us if it were possible)




Count me in as well for for this, can’t stick my name down as the sheet still appears to be view only.


Me too please :grin:


Hi Martin,

Could you add Naomi and I to the spreadsheet (I’m not able to access it through I-Phone software issues)?

Many thanks!



hahaha I know understand why @bullopolis wanted to give me money in person and not electronically


I think secretly he doesn’t want any of us there.



So that I don’t miss out either, please add me too….




Hi guys
Have added you all. Sheet is def


Definitly shared for editing. Thanks


Thanks Martin!


Not sure if I’ve managed to add myself to the sheet.

Matt Kingsley - Dietary requirements – Lowland goat, cos Mtn Goats are too hard :wink: