Christmas Curry 2018 12th December


Lukas and I will be joining, just added our names on the list.
Looking forward:), we’ve missed the last couple of meets!


I just added my name, which as 38th in the list. Monsoon won’t know what’s hit them! :mount_fuji: :goat: :shallow_pan_of_food: :beers:


Good point kris! I am afraid i’ll have to call a pause on no’s for now until I confirm with the venue. :flushed:


Make sure you read the notes on the spreadsheet Martin, some important information there.


Good to see you channeling your innner Yoko Ono😉


@bullopolis can you squeeze 2 more in?


Cool. That would make it a round 40 I reckon. Will call to check all ok with the C house


Good news everyone. All good and booked for 40 people. Theres a storm brewin anni!


Whoop! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Great news Martin, well done and thank you.

Holly and I discussed a back-up plan that involved having it at your house and ordering 40 takeaways…:wink:


And a t-rex


@bullopolis - I forgot to ask is the restaurant licensed or is it a BYOB place? Didn’t spot a beer or wine list on the menu?


Is there room for me? Sorry to get to this late!


Bloody hell…that makes us 45! Its a big place i think and they seemed relaxed when i mentioned 40 so should be good. Not sure if its BYO but if so there’s plenty of shops to buy on the lane. :+1:


Any last minute chance to squeeze in?


Er…the venue is booked for 40. There are 45 at the mo. You can come along and chance your arm!


As there are so many keen and hungry members for this I suggest to start the extravaganza at the ten bells pub rather than the pride of spitalfield as it is a lot larger and i’m gonna want a beer!


you can’t even fit 40 people in the Pride can you? Glad I’m not stuck behind you lot in queue for the bar.
Have fun


You’re da boss. 10 :bell:s


So what time are we gathering at the pub? And how much cash do we bring?