Castle Monday Night Meets

That’s too late for me to start my session unfortunately, but I can still be around at 7:30ish if you want to go over the clipping and belay stuff.
Actually according to the Castle website:
Saturday and Sunday: 9am - 8pm
Last entry: 6pm weekends

Sorry, I didn’t realise they operate weekend hours on bank holidays. In that case it would probably make more sense for me to come next week as I’m not able to get there for 6 today.

Sorry Ian, entirely my bad, they are open until 10 today. However I fell victim to my own misunderstanding and am now climbing…!

I’m heading there too. Will be with you for 6. Can get some climbing in then need a gym sesh

No worries… Enjoy your session! Why don’t I plan ahead and come next week then.

Hello new & prospective members! If you don’t know already, our first New Members Meet is happening on 18-19 September :blush:

Please see the thread below for more info and to sign up.

NLMC New Members Secretary

Thank you. Will anyone be at the wall on Monday? Am hoping to sign up to the club.

Hi everyone, similar to Roland I’m looking to join the club and will be heading to Castle tomorrow at 7. Will there be anyone around? Just a bit of background for everyone: I’m 25 and from North Wales originally and yes I am ready for any sheep jokes that might be thrown my way

Hi all, I’m looking to join the club and met with Mark who was really helpful last Wednesday.
I’ve been climbing on and off casually for the past 8-10 years.
He suggested meeting someone at the Castle to show I can belay and join the club.

I can’t come this evening but next Monday 13th it would be great to meet members there!

Hi All,

what sort of time to people usually arrive.

I’ve been a member a while, but havent climbed with the club much, so don’t have a regular partner.

I’ll be there tonight, is there anyone looking for someone to climb with?

I’ll be at the wall tonight. Will have a harness but not my rope, though happy to boulder. Can check people’s belaying if there’s not a ctte member about. I will prob get there a bit after six.

I can bring a rope and also happy to check belaying.

Hi all. I’m a prospective member and posted about coming last week, but ended up not being able to make it. I am planning on coming today for around 7ish. I had just learned how to lead just before lockdown started, so if someone could check my lead skills/belayomg that would be amazing.

Where are people going to be meetkng btw?

Thanks Dominic, arriving later and will keep an eye out for you!

Upstairs leading part good place to look.

Hi all,

I’m also a prospective member and was planning on coming next Monday (13th) around 7.30pm if possible.

Have climbed with a couple of (ex)members in the past but finally decided to take the plunge and member-up!

@Jon_Howells, we can organise closer to Monday but if you need a partner then we can belay each other once belay checks are done.

Charlie Evans

I’m wearing an elderly black blokfest t-shirt.

Cool, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for you. just getting some fuel in the cafe. I shall be up there shortly.

I’m upstairs by the slabs in a black diamond T-shirt with an astronaut on it.


Is anyone planning on going tomorrow?

I still expect I can be there 7-7.30pm, but it’ll be my first Castle meet!