Castle Monday Night Meets

I will be wearing my controversial and non-conformist blue club t-shirt

Cheers - see you all there :slight_smile:


A bit like Dan I’ve not been to a NLMC meet before but am keen to get involved this evening. I look forward to meeting you all later!

@MattGee Splitter!

I have a red one too but it doesn’t go with my shorts :pleading_face:


I haven’t been climbing with NLMC before but I will be at the caste climbing tomorrow. What is the best way to meet other members?

Looking forward, x

Hi @Noor , everyone tends to meet around 7PM at the main lead wall on the first floor next to the competition bouldering area and old cafe. Go there and look for T-shirts with “NLMC” on the back (mostly red) or just ask around, though given we just came back from a meet yesterday there might be fewer people than normal tonight.

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I was wondering if the South Devon Meet that is listed on the website (10th-11th) is going to go ahead? I’ll be a new member and sadly can’t make the new members meet but would be keen to get out climbing before the weather starts getting terrible. I’m very happy to help out with organising, and have a car if that is any use!

(I am pretty sure this is the wrong place to post this, but I not sure how or whether I have correct permissions to make a new thread)


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Also keen on the south Devon trip. Will try to meet members on Monday and sign-up before then.

Hi, I’d also like to meet members on Monday and get a safety check in time for the new members meet :slight_smile: (I have met some of you before at the Castle, but that was a few months back)

@will_h, I’m also heading on the new members meet and keen to pop to castle before. Wanna pair up for a lead session at castle on Monday 12th?

See you all on Monday evening :+1:

I can’t make it to the Castle on the 12th (or 19th) I’m afraid! I’m planning to go tomorrow

how do. I’ll be down the wall from 6ish tomorrow with my rope and red t-shirt and flowery shorts! :grin:

See you all later! :grin:


Cool. Planning on heading down tonight as well! See you then.

I was going to come this evening but I have a lot of work to get through so I wont make it I’m afraid! Have a great evening!

Hi, I’m looking to come to the Castle next Monday 5th 2022, to join the club and meet some NLMC folks. I have some lead trad and sport climbing experience, and am a competent second.
It would be awesome if you could let me know when/where you’ll be! I’ll be wearing an Orange-Yellow T-shirt & Black Shorts.

Hi i’d like to join NLMC and will be down at the Castle tonight. I’ll probably be wearing blue shorts. See you later!

I should be up in good time this eve fingers crossed. Wearing aqua top. G