CANCELLED New Members Meet 18th-19th April 2020

Hi All!

Here’s something to get us all through this less-than-inspiring weather. Our first New Members Meet of the year is 18-19 April (or from 17th for the keen, like me) :tada: Here’s the lowdown for those who haven’t been before, sign-up sheet below.

Dates: 18-19 April
Location: NLMC cottage near Betws y Coed, North Wales. Sleeping bag, towel etc needed. Free for members, £6 p/n for guests
Transport: car shares, most people drive up on Friday after work, some drive up Friday morning for maximum climbing pleasure. Then drive back to London Sunday eve
Food: communal meal Saturday evening, please bring your own food for all other meals. Depending on when you arrive on Friday, you can get dinner at the local pub. The cottage kitchen is fully equipped with fridge/cooker/microwave etc.


NLMC New Members Sec

NB: if you are new to the club you will need to climb with us on a Monday evening at the Castle before the meet, so we can ensure minimum safety & skills are met.


I’ll be in Japan then, climbing is Mizugaki.

Sorry (not sorry)

Pfft. I hope you’re planning some first ascents out there at least

Don’t go to Tanigawa Daka. I climbed a route on it it in 1981 and up to that point there had been 720 deaths in the previous 20 years.

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I’m sure Ben Nevis has had more than that.

And after 1981, Richard? Did your ascent put a stop to the deaths by slaying the giant lizard monster who had been burning the climbers with his fire breath?

ps Japan is actually in March. But I’ll be in Kalymnos in April so same difference (except fewer giant lizard monsters).

But more giant goat monsters…
:goat: :goat: :goat:


I can’t make this one I’m afraid. Hen do duties! Hope you all have an awesome weekend x

Do you not mean you’re in Japan in March but you won’t be able to come to the meet because you will have coronavirus?

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Japan is a long way from Wuhan, you utter racist


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Can’t make it this time as I’m on a 5 day lead climbing developer course the week running up to it and would be destroyed trying to do both…

Good luck, I hope this one is as enjoyable as the previous ones!

Hi Holly, I’m keen to join the new members meet but haven’t climbed with you before, please could I arrange to meet you at the castle?

Hi Sophie! Yes absolutely, can you come next Monday evening?

I can’t make next Monday as I’m away but can do Monday 9th?


Newcomers - please make sure if you sign up to the meet, you need to have climbed with me or another current club member in advance of the meet so that we can do a quick safety/skills check.

ie just come along to a Monday session at the Castle, meet us, climb for a bit, come for a beer :slight_smile: Please contact me to arrange.

About to put my name down, but discovered I can’t make it due to a wedding in Cornwall on Saturday - gutting…

I certainly hope to attend this. Will fill in the Excel thing later, it is being unstable right now for some reason.

I live in Loughborough and will most likely travel alone unless somehow it is useful for someone to come to Loughborough by train and get in my car (which is a two-seater midlife crisis racing roller skate; room for two peoples’ climbing gear etc though!).
FYI Loughborough to Capel Curig is about 3h15min, and a train from St Pancras to Loughborough takes about 1h20mins. Maybe this is actually helpful to someone looking for a lift!

Can I request not to be the catering van like what happened last year please, if I have a passenger? :slight_smile: