CANCELLED New Members Meet 18th-19th April 2020

Hi Hollly! Newbie here, would love to come to a Monday session at the Castle. Been climbing for ~4 years. Can DM you for more details - thanks!

Hey Holly, another newbie here, and this trip would be my first time climbing outdoors. Can I come along to the Castle next Monday 16th? Would bring a couple of other newbies too. Thanks!

Hi Mike, welcome to NLMC! Unfortunately I’ve closed the meet now as we’re at capacity, but you’re very welcome to join us on Mondays anyway. Then hopefully you can join the club and go on any of the future meets.

oh fiddlesticks, I didn’t get around to adding myself on the spreadsheet!

How many on this one?

Only 38!

Soon be rivalling the Climbers Club with its 1200 members. Is that what we want, having to book bed space weeks in advance?

Just on the guidance of committee members after the last (bigger) meet.

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Yes, with snoring dinosaurs in separate quarters!

Can we add a column to the spreadsheet that denotes people who a) snore all the time and b) snore after alcohol, and isolate as appropriate.


Excellent idea. We now have a nice watertight shed. Suitable for children and dogs too.


Great idea, how do I find you at the Castle? What time?

We’re there from 6.30pm on Mondays. I can’t go for the next 2 weeks but there are plenty of others, look out for the club red t-shirts or hopefully someone who’s going next week will make themselves known to you in advance!

I have stricken my name from the list, which means potentially a free space for someone @HollyP.

I will be travelling the preceding week, and given the current outlook, it wouldn’t be prudent of me to spend a weekend in close quarters with a sizeable group so soon after returning.

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Hi, I regret that we’ve decided to cancel this meet. It seems clear that the coronavirus situation will still be ongoing at that point and we think the risk of holding a large social gathering where we will all be in close proximity is too high. Very sorry for the disappointment and hope we will see you all on the next new members’ meet.


Hi John. A prudent move. I was thinking about contacting you and Holly last night to suggest this. Sure it is 6 weeks away and things can change in that time but I don’t think any of us are predicting a global improvement to this situation and at least now the members and new members are not wondering, and can make other plans for that weekend.

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Might sound silly but surely every meet should be cancelled (spring working etc) until further notice to all do our parts to reduce spreading anything?


I agree with Binit