Bank Holiday Weekend 26th-28th

Anyone keen to climb over the BH weekend? Forecast does not look totally appalling. I can get Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Tuesday 29th off work as well if anyone would like to go for longer or avoid the actual Bank Holiday altogether. Happy to go pretty much anywhere, but I would need a lift.

Hi Matt!

Would be keen to join but need a lift as well and can only take friday off unfortunately…
We can discuss it tomorrow night at The Castle.

I’m also keen but also need a lift :pensive:
Might also be at the castle tomorrow eve! When are you meeting up?

Hi Tutu!

I am not sure I’ll make it tonight but matt should be there around 5:30 wearing a kalymnos yellow T shirt :slight_smile:

Did a possible destination get discussed? I’m up for going climbing for 2 of the 3 days, with a car, space for 3 - North Wales forecast looking dry at the moment…

I will be in North Wales if people are keen! I’m coming from York though.

Forecast appears to have improved…happy to go to North Wales, or indeed anywhere else.

I think @Kelvin and I (plus family) are in Pembroke. If anyone else goes, do come say hi if you spot us…

I’ve booked the Poshtel in Grasmere for the Bank Holiday and still have a room of 6 beds available. If you want to come please let me know on 07557 022393. Cheers. John

Are newbies welcome? I have a harness no ropes or draws, would you guys mind?

Not a problem with me :slight_smile: I can bring half ropes, a 60m sport rope, a full trad rack and set of sport draws, and I’m sure I’m not the only one…!

I’m up for going for any amount of days between Friday 25th and Monday 28th :grin: (or even more days if I know in advance). I don’t mind where to go! North Wales or Pembroke both sound good, although I slightly prefer sea cliffs. What about Anglesey or something like that?

Gear-wise, I’ve got a random collection (tricams, offsets, cams, draws, slings, biners) that I can contribute. Could borrow a rope as well if needed.

Unfortunately, I would definitely prefer camping to any alternative options…

Plenty of sea cliffs in North Wales, not all of them loose…! Pembroke can be extremely busy over the Bank Holiday. If you don’t want to use the very nice NLMC hut (but why wouldn’t you?) there are several campsites nearby.

Oh for some reason when I think of North Wales I’m always imagining Llanberis!
By camping alternatives I meant the poshtel in Grasmere option which I probably wouldn’t want to afford :pensive: I think as a non-member I can’t use the club hut, but I should probably join at last, shouldn’t I…

Members can sign in up to 2 non-members as guests…I think the current charge per night to non-members is £5 or £6.

And the charge for members is… nothing! Definitely worth joining even if you ignore the benefits of being in the BMC, the club history and the warmth of membership!

If you would prefer to camp there is a grass area next to the cottage that is perfect for a tent. At least you would not have to listen to the snoring in the bunk room.

yes I’ll join :relieved: I wasn’t sure what the membership actually gives because I couldn’t find any information about it on NLMC website (not a criticism – only justifying myself!) I already have a BMC membership valid until end of October, does joining in the club make one a BMC member or just gives a discount? How would I go about my existing BMC membership?
I don’t know why I’m only asking about these things now :confused:

I’m in North Wales, and have room for people to stay at Llanrwst. I’ve got gear, and could be interested in coming out for something easy one day. :slight_smile: Also can offer lifts back to London early next week.

I’m on 07850 648979