Bank Holiday Weekend 26th-28th


Hi guys,

happy to go to North Wales!
I’ll be at the castle tonight if anyone wants to meet up, I’ll be at the café around 7 wearing a grey t shirt.


Won’t make it tonight but will be at Castle tomorrow. Forecast still nice for North Wales on Sat/Sun, maybe less so on Monday. Andrew, if you are still happy to do the driving, when and where would you like to leave from?


I’m going to the castle today to supervise a novice friend but might still be there in the evening!


Argh, second time in a row I have to cancel - been given notice on my current job, so this weekend is super exciting interview tests, sorry guys - been messed around by my soon to be former employer.


Oh dear. Sorry indeed Andrew, that’s very frustrating but nowt you can do. No other kindly drivers out there?


Manchi and I are heading up to north wales later. Only two spaces as we’re given someone a lift back on Monday afternoon. Staying in the cottage/ barn. Aiming to leave Finsbury Park around 6.30-7pm - but haven’t started packing yet.


Awesome, can I bag a space please Tim! Cheers


Oh that sounds great, can I take the second place please @Tim_McD? Are you coming back Monday eve?


OK, Matt, Tutu, you’ve got the two spaces. Do you know our address?

Tutu, Yep, back on Monday. Suggest not bringing camping stuff as you can stay here:

Individual Memberships is £38.50 a year, new members only pay 50% in the first year they join…

Club membership gives you BMC membership as well :slight_smile:


Thank you Tim! No I don’t know your address… I know it’s very close to where I am :grin:
Let us know when exactly you’re leaving, any time suits me.
I joined the club! (pending Martin’s approval) And yes, the hut sounds great! Means no tent or cooking equipment to carry this time :relieved: Can take an even smaller backpack!


Thanks again Tim, I can remember where you live so I’ll turn up at about 6:20.


Mega, see you guys later


Nice one tutu…approved! :smiley: Have a great trip everyone!


Thank you Martin :relieved: Looking forward to staying at the infamous cottage!


Hâve a nice week end guys I’ll join some other time :slight_smile:


Very enjoyable trip, thanks to all,especially Tim & Manchi for driving.

As an epilogue, I managed to forget a large blue IKEA bag in (probably) the hut kitchen. It contains a number of apples, some rolls, some cheese and chicken in a tupperware box, kitchen roll and several empty tupperware boxes. Help yourself to any of the food, but please stick the rest on the shelves as I will be back soon…


Yes thank you Manchi&Tim for making my initiation trip to (that part of) North Wales happen! :grin:

The club cottage is sooo cute I had to show a photo to my mum who says she’d happily exchange it for her Russian hut (club base in the Ural mountains, anyone?) According to her, that’s what she imagines all British houses look like and is only missing a rose garden and maybe a small pond. No pressure :relaxed: