Bank holiday weekend 26-28 May

Hello all
Who is up for a trad climbing trip over the late May bank holiday weekend? Destination most likely North Wales… I have car, rack and ropes. Let me know. Thanks, Toby

Hi Toby -

I’m in, the weather is looking fine for the week so time to get some North wales classics done.

How long are you thinking of going for? I was about to post for a 2 day trip, may be able to stretch that out.


We will be in Cornwall for the bank holiday and the week following. Mostly have other things to do but if anyone else is in the area then I would be very much up for a day or two climbing.

Keen to go somewhere over the bank holiday weekend. Lake district is in the club calendar, but I’m happy to go where ever!

Great! @Max_A, @jobangles – Lakes is an option but involves more driving… North Wales gets my vote. I was planning to use the long weekend - Drive up Friday night then climb 3 days and drive back Monday evening. Anyone else keen?

@L_Pio and I are keen to go. Looking for a lift.

Lakes was bone dry over the weekend, lots of people up on the high mountain crags on Scafell. I went gill scrambling/swimming in Eskdale. Was lush.


I’d certainly be up for a Lakes trip.

Lakes isn’t actually significantly more driving because it’s mainly motorway vs. the A5. We don’t have the hut though, and i have never seen as busy campsites as the NT and Chapel stile ones on a BH weekend.

If you factor in distance to crags you can be closer, plus Trowbarrow is on way back!
NT campsites will be totally rammo, but plenty other small ones about. Main objective danger is motorhomes!

Anyways, I’ll be in Skye :wink:

Is anyone going anywhere just for the weekend? I’ve got to work on Monday. Quick Portland trip?

Hi all,

Apologies, the Lakes trip was never formally organised as there was the Scotland trip being organised at the same time. But you should definitely go to the Lakes because the Lakes are awesome! Sadly I will not be around to join, but enjoy!


Seems a pity not to go to the mountains, but think we’re prob going to head to peak to meet with some friends of Laura.

If weather holds, might try for a lakes trip the weekend following.

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Anyone else interested in going away the whole weekend?

Great. Looks like @Max_A, @jobangles and me on my car, then @dabarlow and rob and Vilus in the other car. Will be in touch with rendez-vous details.

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I’d be up for a trip to Portland @Tutu, leaving Sat morning returning Sun evening. Weather looks good too.


JT: potentially up for the Lakes, although technically I should be moving in to my new flat that weekend.

I might be in the lakes on Sunday running and linking a few mountains together if anyone wants to join. Otherwise I am hoping to be in the peak on Monday clipping some bolts