Bank holiday weekend 26-28 May


Hmm, isn’t weather in Wales looking a bit crap? Or are we planning Lakes?


Rainy tomorrow, but dry Saturday and improving:

True the Lakes is being forecast to get less of the rain on Friday.

#23 are less optimistic for Sunday and Monday


we’re staying around the peak as well JT, let me know where you end up! haven’t seen you’s in ages


The forecast is pretty good, we’ll be right, and N Wales is way better than the lakes now.

Toby, I’ll still pack for the cottage.


@jrtomlins: Where in the Peak District are you going to be? I’m looking to do a day trip somewhere if you’re going to be somewhere with a nearby train station.


Will be based in Wardlow.


@dabarlow @Vilius are you guys still heading for the cottage?


Ah, not very accessible by train then. Never mind, some other time. :slight_smile: