Autumn Working Meet 7th - 8th October 2017


Dale is most definitely not veggie! and not 100% sure we are staying for dinner… need to be back for Sunday as well.


Richard H and Valerie not veggie but not keen on smoked bacon.


FAO London Folks

I’ve made allocations based on responses. Shout if I’ve left you out and you haven’t got a lift. There are spaces!

If all the tasks get done, then it’s possible that we can do a bit of climbing on Sunday so it’ll be worth bringing gear. Best to organise that within your cars.

Car 1
Tim, Manchi, Jo and Matt

Car 2
Peter, @dabarlow, Tutu, Omar (only on the way back)
Omar is travelling up with his friend Chris (via Cambridge)
Leaving from Oakwood tube at 6:30pm

Car 3
Khalid, Jan, Kate
Leaving from Angel (my house) at 6pm

Car 4
Daniel, Mark O’C
Leaving from Mudchute, pickup to be arranged. I suggest Cockfosters station at 6pm.


That’s fine. Mark O’C, if you can do earlier than 6pm let me know, cheers


Hi @khalidqasrawi I can be there for 6 if that’s the easiest place to meet up with @Sam7 just let me know Thanks!


Hi @Sam7 I can be their earlier than six took a half day so let me know what time is best for you and I’ll be their. Thanks.


Okay Mark, let’s aim for 4:30 then


Ok I’ll be their at 4.30, see you then thanks.

My number is 07429648647 you can give me a bell when your their.


Summary for the weekend
As noted earlier in this thread, sadly we will not have Chiz with us this weekend. Are thoughts will be with him and we’re going to do our best to do him proud.

Transport seems to be sorted. And people are starting on their way already. Crossed fingers for traffic lite journeys.

Richard Young has the job list. We’ll go through that in the morning and allocate jobs.

We have 20 people attending at present

Manchi, Tom, Matt and Jo are providing and cooking breakfast both days so no need for everyone to bring milk, porridge etc.
Looks like you have 16 covers for breakfast including with 3 declared vegetarians - I’m assuming that Liz, Dale, Yvonne and Binit will not need breakfasts.

Everyone should provide their own lunches and snack food.

Jan and Tutu have kindly volunteered to step in to cook dinner. We’ll pick up the ingredients on the way. Looks like 15 for dinner plus @dizz_lizzie , Dale, @ypsell and @Binit-Shah if they choose to stay. Best that you folks message if you definitely want something to eat tomorrow night. :wink:

All the best folks and see you all later.

Current attendees:-

  1. Richard Y
  2. Richard H (unsmoked bacon!)
  3. Valerie
  4. Liz F (Saturday afternoon only - not sure about dinner - not breakfast)
  5. Binit (Saturday only)
  6. Dale - not veggie - no breakfasts - not sure about dinner
  7. Yvonne - veggie - no breakfasts - not sure about dinner
  8. Khalid - no dinner but breakfasts
  9. Manchi
  10. Tim
  11. Matt
  12. Jo
  13. Tutu - Veggie
  14. Kate D
  15. Omar (veggie)
  16. Jan veggie
  17. Mark O’C
  18. Daniel
  19. Peter
  20. David Barlow


Wow 20 people is the biggest club gathering I’ve seen so far!
Manchi, Tom, Matt and Jo – you can not count me in for the breakfast, I’ll bring my own because I wake up earlier and… I’m one of those fussy, healthy, veggie eaters :pensive: Having said that, I can cook a less healthy dinner should that be to everyone’s desire!


Probably a bit late but 90% chance we will stay for dinner - we can always go pick up extra food if required. Will be there around 10 tomorrow. see y’all then


Here’s a few photos from the weekend…


Thanks for a lovely weekend guys!
Sorry about the axes :confused:


Many thanks to all those who did the cooking, much appreciated (even if
dinner was a little earlier than we expected.) Hope folk got climbing on
Sunday, we went to Castle Inn Quarry for some sport climbing on the north
coast. Well worth a look if the weather in the mountains is bad.


Thanks everyone so much for coming and helping out. It was a fantastic turnout and shows just how much 20 people can do in a short space of time. I’m sorry to have missed the meal. All reports were excellent. A special thank you to the new members and even non-members who made their first contribution to the upkeep of the buildings.

Good effort Richard Young for standing in for Chiz at the last minute. Well played.


Many thanks Khalid, but it was very much a team effort!
Everyone put in a good shift and should feel very please with their efforts.
I’d also add to the compliments previously paid to the many who help with the food, both the main meal and breakfasts. This really added to the weekend and set us up for getting the jobs done.


Many thanks to everyone that helped make another super successful working meet, sorry I couldn’t make it. Thanks to Richard for standing in, cheers mate. If I could get a work list so I can tick everthing of the master jobslist that would be great

Hopefully will get up there soon to admire all your work and maybe even get to do some climbing!

PS What happened to the axes?!!!


My pleasure Chiz - as I said above, a great team effort.
I’ve got the hardcopies of all the lists/audits and will send them on when I get a minute at work to scan them.

As to the axes, I think we should just put the broken handles down to ‘enthusiastic chopping’!!


Over enthusiastic chopping by the look of it!


Thanks Richard

Broken handles plural? Sounds like someone needs a lesson in splitting wood.

Have we got new handles/dimensions so I can buy new ones?