Autumn Working Meet 7th - 8th October 2017


shame! We will be there from ?8ish? but probably going straight over the Daear Ddu*

*or the pub


I am going too and have car departing Enfield/ Oakwood tube Fri eve 6.30ish; can take 3.



Is it possible to have unsmoked bacon for breakfast?


Hi, I’m not currently a member but wouldn’t mind helping out as well, if that’s ok? I don’t have any specific skills but have done diy type work, chopped wood etc. Can offer lifts for up to 3 people from London and can depart London either Friday or Saturday morning (early) depending on peoples’ schedules.


@Haszko - will do! And @Sam7 - That sounds great - the more the merrier. :slight_smile:
Can I check for dietary requirements in case I’ve missed people:

  1. Chiz
  2. Richard Y,
  3. Naomi
  4. Tom
  5. Richard H
  6. Valerie
  7. Liz F
  8. Binit (Saturday only)
  9. Dale - veggie
  10. Yvonne - veggie
  11. Khalid
  12. Manchi
  13. Tim
  14. Matt
  15. Jo
  16. Tutu - Veggie
  17. Kate D
  18. Omar
  19. Jan
  20. Mark O’C
  21. Peter



Could I go Veggie please :slight_smile:


I prefer veggie, too :wink:




I’m afraid I’ve had another bereavement and won’t be able to come up.

Richard Young has the printed RAMS and job lists

Manchi, can you show Mark O’C the step needs fixing -should be suitable timber in shed

Need to buy 1no 15 litre tub of brilliant white masonry emulsion, and toilet roll (see above)

Need float and volunteer for laundry to do pillow cases and mattress covers

say hello to the mountains from me, it’s been far too long :cry:


Dear Chiz,

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had yet more sad news.
We will do our best in your absence and get the huts all fixed fixed up.
Take care and we’ll be in contact next week.

All the best,



@chizharward so sorry to hear that. Thinking of you!


I’m sorry to hear that Chiz - thinking of you. Hopefully we’ll see you soon, either at the AGM or New Year.

@jo_keogh, @khalidqasrawi et al:
I’m afraid Naomi and I are no longer going to be able to make it because we’ve got something on Sunday that we can’t move. We were planning to come for Saturday and leave really early on Sunday morning but, due to work, we’ve both had so little sleep this week that it isn’t realistically possible/sane.

Apologies, not least because this means someone else will have to take on dinner.



Sorry to hear of your sad news, please accept my condolences. We will run with everything as best we can.



All those in London, I’m organising the travel arrangements. These are the cars driving tomorrow evening.

Car 1
Tim, Manchi, Jo and Matt

Car 2
Peter, David
2 more spaces leaving from Oakwood tube at 6:30pm

Car 3
Khalid, Jan
1 more space leaving from Angel (my house) at 6pm

Car 4
@Sam7 3 more spaces, leaving from where?
Great you are coming. Just checking: are you Daniel going to Mile End the last few Wednesdays?

Mark O’C
Kate D

Can @Sam7, @markoconnor2012, @Omar, @Kate_Davis and @Tutu let us know where you are leaving from tomorrow evening and what time you can get away. I’ll then allocate you to drivers.


We’ll miss you and your delicious cooking. Hope to see you at the Annual Dinner for sure.

Who can stand in for chef duties on Saturday night?


Hi Khalid (and Peter), if I could grab a lift with @Peter that would be great :slight_smile: thanks!


I can cook.


Sorry, just realised I totally misread that. I’ll be leaving home in Canonbury and can leave from around 5.30pm, so feel free to allocate me as you see fit :slight_smile:


I’m in North London (Upper Holloway) and can leave any time after 2:30pm :slight_smile:
I can help with cooking on Sat although I’m no good with meat.


Very sorry to here the bad news Chiz!

@jo_keogh food wise I’ll eat what ever is put up thanks.

@khalidqasrawi I’m in cricklewood north London i can leave anytime after 6, I can leave earlier if needed to meet up with the driver.
I’d be up for chipping in on Saturday with the cooking with someone if needed.


Hi Khalid, yes this is Daniel
I’ll be leaving from the Isle of Dogs 5ish, nearest station is Mudshute dlr.