Autumn Working Meet 7th - 8th October 2017

Hi all,
a date for all your diaries: the Autumn Working Meet is being held on the 7th - 8th October at the Cottage and Barn…only a month away!

The Working Meets are a great place to meet and catch up with both new and older members, swap beta, get ideas and plan trips, do a bit of work, and put something back into the club. IF we get a decent attendance, AND we get all our jobs ticked off quickly, there is the possibility of some climbing on the Sunday, this usually happens these days (but don’t assume that you can climb on Sunday while you leave others to mop the toilets…and if you aren’t intending to help at the Working Meet we would ‘rather you didn’t’ stay at the Cottage that weekend -as in don’t!).

All members are welcome at Working Meets for either one or both days, it is usually a very productive weekend with a great atmosphere, good food and plenty of climbing plans made. Whisky and bench traverses optional.

The club will provide a hearty communal meal on the Saturday night, milk, and bacon/veggie rolls for Saturday and Sunday breakfast. You will need to bring your own food for Friday night and Saturday and Sunday lunches, any snacks, and any booze. If anyone would like to volunteer to cook breakfast and/or evening meal that would be great. Custard is mandatory.

We usually get in late on Friday night and start work for 9am on Saturday, and work through to about 5pm with a couple of breaks; Sundays are a bit more relaxed start, and are generally a lighter day of finishing up and cleaning our way out the building.

There are plenty of jobs on the list for the weekend that will suit all skills, abilities and aptitudes! -we’ll be clearing the gutters, checking roofs and generally getting the place ready for winter, tidying up round the Cottage, finishing the new path, splitting and stacking timber for the winter, doing the laundry, changing codes on the locks, emptying the safe, strimming the grass, rebuilding the wall that got toppled, carting gas up the hill, doing safety checks and updating signs, deep-cleaning and painting, electrical and woodworking jobs (assuming insurance), and a host of little snags to keep the Barn and Cottage in top condition…

If anyone can offer lifts that is always needed. I will be driving up from Stroud, Gloucestershire with the Assistant Hut Warden (Leithan the lurcher), hopefully on the friday afternoon to set up and get stuff laid out.

If you are planning on attending please reply on this thread with your names, whether you can offer/need transport, where you are coming from and any time you can leave, if you are vegetarian/have special dietary/allergy/whatever requirements, or if you have any specific trades or skills. Anyone attending with medical issues that may affect their work should let me know by private mail.

Any questions, just ask!
look forward to seeing you all there,

Hut Warden

Richard and Valerie attending. Ignore the insurance problem. Never used to

Naomi and I will be there.

I’m happy to do the evening meal again but would rather someone else did breakfast if possible.

I don’t think we can offer anyone a lift because we won’t be coming straight from London.

Richard, will be great to see you both.

Unfortunately the insurance problem can’t be ignored. Not least as I would personally be liable as Hut Warden, and although we might all like to think members wouldn’t sue the club if there was an accident, what would you do if you broke your leg and were off work for a year, or couldn’t work again? That is what the insurance is for. I’d prefer we did things properly, exercised our duty of care, and if something awful did happen to someone, that I kept my house!

Great news Tom, look forward to seeing you both. Can you do the code locks again as your task?
Would be fantastic if you could cook the evening meal again, do you need a volunteer too help chop and stir etc?

Can we get a volunteer for breakfasts? Doesn’t require a super early start, just the ability to cook bacon and veggie sausages…

There is a place near me offering free broken pallets - i can bring a car load (a lot!) to or ahead of this to be carried up the hill and chopped for kindling if useful (assuming they have some).

Me and Matt will be there too… you know if you need any more cupboards
making :wink:

I can also do breakfast.

Hi Liz, does that mean you’re coming? :wink:

A few pallets would be good for smashing up for kindling, but if not no worries.

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Great stuff Jo, do you need a helper for breakfast or are you including Matt in you offer?

I’m definitely coming from London. Hopefully I’ll have a car. Looking forward to it.

Sorry, I can’t make it this time.

I think Matt is okay to help! :slight_smile:

Don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, but I have 2.5 bags of cement left over from some renovation work I did recently (& sand, pointing tools and a bunch of other tools) that I’m happy to give/lend if of any use.

Good enough for me Jo, Matt can consider himself volunteered…

Will be good to see you there @khalidqasrawi , sorry you can’t make it @Francesca_Robertson

Thanks very much for the offer @andrew we have a ton bag of sand and a couple of bags of Portland up there from the plan to do the shed roof so I think we are all ok!

I might be able to make that weekend depending on my work schedule which I’m not sure of yet.
I would need a lift from London though.
I’m a new member so haven’t been to the previous meets and don’t know how much I can contribute. Sadly I have no specific manual skills apart from graphic design, illustration and painting in case you want some climbing murals done?

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Hi @Tutu, no specific manual skills needed, there is plenty of less-skilled work (see list of jobs at head of thread), just come along and we’ll find you something to do.

We’ll sort lifts etc nearer the date when its clearer who is/isn’t coming, but noted you’d need a lift

I will try my best to make it to the meet. If I do, it will only be for the
Saturday unfortunately…

Would be great to see you if you can make it, one day’s work is always appreciated! Assuming you would be coming from Yorkshire?