Annual dinner (AGM) meet, 12-13 November, North Wales

Reminder that the sign-up for this is in the club news section (members only).

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What about us old members?

I tried that and it just has a sign up for the new members. Paul had a sheet for the dinner. Where is that?

It’s in club news and you seem to be signed up already.

Here’s the general chat thread with the sign up sheet:

It was posted initially in a Members Only area of the forum because, although the constitution does not specifically exclude non-members from the AGM, they would not count for the purposes of quorum and cannot vote on matters (although I can’t imagine why a non-member would want to attend anyway…!).

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Yeah if you plan on coming PLEASE SIGN UP.

We only have 22 at present and we need 20 for quorum. So please do not drop out if you have said you are coming!!!


To further whet your appetite, as per Clauses 15 and 20 of the Club Constitution, here is the exciting 2022 AGM agenda.

AGM 2022 Agenda.pdf (88.6 KB)

2021 AGM Minutes for reference
NLMC AGM 2021 Minutes.pdf (107.9 KB)

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Hello! Is it too late to sign up for this? I’ve got a car and could pick up people from W London Friday night. (I’m a member but not labelled so on this message board…)

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Hi Duc, I’m keen to car share if possible. Are you planning to go up on the M40? If so I could meet you at Bicester and abandon my car somewhere there.

@Adam_Craig yes, M40 then M54… I actually live near Oxford… so if no one needs a lift from London I’d probably just head up to the M40 at Bicester. Otherwise I could pick you up anywhere along the M40.

I’ve got the friday off work if anyone’s wanting to head up earlier??


have you finished work now George?

I’m interested Jo and George but currently do not have the day off work nor a car to transport us.

but both could potentially be arranged.

I’d be happy to drive up early assuming someone will climb with me!

Certainly not too late! Please come!

weather looks OK, fingers crossed it stays OK.

Is there a link to choose between Fried-camembert and Soup of the day at the Tyn-y-Coed?

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Thank you Roland, that’s kind.

I have requested the day off but am awaiting confirmation of whether or not I have to go to prison on Friday. So my availability will unfortunately be subject to that and will let you know as soon as I do.
But you should definitely all go up without me in any event and get in a lovely Friday climb x

Max you have obviously not been to the pub recently… the menu is… not what it once was, sadly.

Sounds good. I can leave mine anytime after 4pm so a Bicester collection from 5pm onwards.

However, I don’t mind leaving later to:

  1. Avoid rush hour traffic at Birmingham.
  2. Allow time for any stuck Londoners to get a train out to Oxford or Wendover (Marylebone lines) to join us in the car.