A day out next weekend?

Hi all,
weather looks kind of ok on Saturday and better on Sunday for Peak District. Anyone up for a trip, maybe just for the day?
What is the weather experts saying?


Going to be there with a group from work. Sport/bouldering so if you have
any recommendations for crags they’d be welcome!


I’m no expert but weather looks fine to me, potentially less wet on the south coast as compared to the Peak for Saturday. But would be keen to get out, and am always up to rent a car or go for an adventure on public transport.

I’m planning to take two children climbing in Portland this saturday (if the weather is good) – could stay there another day if anyone’s up for sunday? or if there’s a sunday-only trip anywhere else I’d also be keen.

I’m also up for a spot of climbing and can offer lifts. Weather doesn’t look too bad for both the Peak and South Coast. Sunday is expected to be better at the Peak.

It’s the WCS on Saturday so a group of us are planning a day climbing somewhere near Bristol on the Sunday. Maybe Wye Valley… depending on weather

@David and @Daniel, perhaps we should go to the Peak leaving Saturday
morning. We can pack climbing stuff and a bouldering mat as well.

I suggest to sleep at the Hathersage campground and book dinner for the
scotsman’s pub (it is a good one :wink:

How does this sound? Anyone else up for joining?

Sorry @Tutu, portland looks not great weatherwise :frowning:


yeah Portland is starting to look increasingly more rainy on sat. Damn. I might end up joining you in the Peaks for the whole weekend if that’s okay (could possibly take a train if Daniel’s car is full)

That sounds good to me!

Hi @Manchi , I’ve only just joined the club so haven’t met many people yet. I’m going to be in the Bristol area on Sunday and would be interested in climbing if that would be possible? Thanks, Simon.

Sounds like a plan. @Tutu there’s space for one more if you change your mind about Portland.

Where’s the best place to meet? Oakwood? Is 8:30am too early?

The Scotsman’s is a good one :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Daniel! 8:30 Oakwood is good for me.

If there’s still a space, I’m in!

Aye! 5 strong!

Will be in n wales so see anyone heading that way :slight_smile:

@SimonJ PM me your tel. no. and I’ll keep you in the loop with our Sunday plans.

Are you a trad climber?

Hi Manchi, super foggy here in the Wye valley this morning, but has been dry all week, trees still pretty much in full leaf, needs a bit of a wind to get the damp away! Let me know if you do come here as will probably be in the Forest on Sunday, but not sure yet if will have time to climb

We are now only 3 for the Peak - would anyone like to come (leaving Oakwood 8:30 tomorrow, camping and returning Sunday)?

Sounds good Chiz, PM me your mobile and I’ll let you know where in wye we’ll be


I would be potentially up for Sunday, if anyone is interested, but I cannot do Saturday.