A day out next weekend?


Hi Peter - I could be interested in Sunday. What would the arrangements look like? I can get my hands on a car if necessary


Hi Manchi, fraid looks like can’t climb now, but let us know where youll be and might be able to pop by with the dogs and say hello 07881 486837

Is overcast but a bit of wind right now


I live NW of Enfield, just south of J24 of the M25 and not far from Oakwood tube station (penultimate stop at North end of the Piccadilly Line). I have a car.

I was thinking of the Peak, possibly meeting up with Dave Adler et al, who should already be there.

I have a rack & pair of half ropes and a bouldering mat (it’s forecast to be cold).

Where abouts are you?



Ok cool - I live in Hackney but can meet at yours? I could drive up in the am if I can leave my car somewhere (bit of a nightmare on public transport from mine) if that works? What time would you want to leave?

I have ropes rack etc but will text Dave to see how much the collective needs.


Great. As the days are short, I guess the earlier we leave the better. You can part your car at mine - EN2 8AP - 260 The Ridgeway - there’s a lay-by on both sides of the road opposite my house.


Ok great - shall I try and get to yours for 7.00? Let me know if that’s too early. 7.30 also fine


See you guys at millstone!


Ethics question. Just arrived at cottage. Only me signed in. Cadbury chocolate log in fridge. Open. Does eating it count as tidying? :wink:


Definitely, tidying very important

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Only if you tidy up as well…

Can you let me know how log pile doing?


Cool, see you there.