25th-27th Bank Holiday Trip?

Hey guys!
I misunderstood completely and thought the pembroke meet was to be on the bank holiday weekend, as it turns out is not, would someone want to go somewher for the bank holiday? I might have to look after the dog on saturday so could be up to go sunday and monday. I have a rack and camping gear but no car or ropes! Also lacking @jrtomlins!

There’s a few of us planning a trip to Pembroke for the long bank holiday weekend, Laura.

Tim and I are booked into the Caerfai Bay campsite: 24-28 Aug.

And a few other members are booked into nearby campsites for different dates but all around the weekend: Fran, Paul, Ché. And maybe Ian Lau too.

That might be why I got confused, is there already a thread for that?

Nope, this is the first mention. Thanks for starting the thread, Laura :slight_smile:

Hi Laura, I should be able to make those days and would be up for some sport or easier trad. Need a lift as well, but do have a rack, 60m triple that could be used singley or with another in a pinch.

@Sergio_m_a_c and @mikedlr , Fancy fitting in a couple of days climbing over the bank holiday weekend?

@Mark_W that would be great. Also need a lift if there is a car available. Alternatively I can rent a car

Hi Sergio, let’s play it by ear and get some feedback from the others coming back from Pembroke. If it’s all trad multi pitch sea cliffs then it might be a bit much.

I would be happy to go sport climbing in Mason Lees in the Peak District instead as an alternative? I’ve been there before, easier and harder routes, all sport and mostly single pitch.

Pembroke is all trad but mostly single pitch.

Hi guys! I would actually love to go trad climbing in Pembroke but as I still don’t know if I’m free saturday and not many people seem to leave from London I’ld also be happy to come with you guys to the peak ( we can squeeze some trad in maybe? I’m happy to lead). I’ll know wednesday weather I get saturday off dog duty! Happy to share rent car costs!

I am planning being in London for the bank holiday weekend but if the weather looks good. Leave on Sunday or Monday and head back up north via the peak for some climbing. Will probably be keen for sport at cheedale or wcj or raventor, want to make the most of the limestone season before it closes for the year.

Hi Laura, that could be good. We were potentially heading up on Sat evening and looking at a trip to Masson Lees and Crawdor Quarry for some sport climbing on Sun/Mon. I have a 60m triple but no half ropes for trad at the minute.

I have family in Chesterfield so could stay with them as it’s close to both places. There should be a spot for an extra person?

Open to alternatives but that would mean booking campsites and sorting out half ropes and a trad venue, if you aren’t sure which days you can do?

@Manchi we’re thinking of coming to Pembroke for the weekend. Had friends this weekend and simply can’t go a year without a pembroke trip! @L_Pio sorry we leave from Macc or we’d figure something out.

I am considering Pembroke too, weather permitting, coming from London.

Hi @Peter and @Mark_W!
Seem like I might have found someone to look after dog on saturday, in which case I would love to join the Pembroke crowd for a bit of trad. I can confirm tomorrow, could I get a lift with you Peter in case? Sorry to -maybe- bail on you guys Mark! I’m not a great fan of sport climbing in this country :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes sure, good to have you on board.


I officially have saturday off dog-duty, on board captain Harris! Very excited about Pembroke :smiley:

Super duper. The weather forecasts currently looks promising; excited indeed. Are you ok with 6-6.30pm at Oakwood?




where you guys thinking of basing yourselves? would be good to see you both!

Is anyone up for climbing (or walking or mountain biking - depending on the weather) in the lakes? I will be staying in Patterdale. If anyone is reasonably flexible on times (able to leave early / return a bit late) and would like a lift there please get in touch by PM. If anyone’s up in the lakes for the weekend and is up for a climb please get in touch too. I might be able to arrange some cheap accommodation if needed.

It would be great to see you both too. We were asking ourselves the same question and thinking that it would be good to join others for a good social time; did you have a plan?