25th-27th Bank Holiday Trip?


we are not organised enough to have a plan! come north-ish and then we can al be in same vicinity!


as in near St. Davids


I was thinking of South Pembroke, but in the name of social get togethers North would work for me, I may just have to find my passport! Laura, does that work for you?


Happy with anyplace :smiley:


think of all the new crags!


You all might struggle to get booked into a camp site so close to the Bank Hol weekend, good luck with it. I am booked in at Porthclais campsite. Manchi and Tim are at Caerfai Bay campsite I think. Would be good to see you all somehow!


have had a look at porthclais - lots of space still as far as I can see.


Hi Kenny

I have just booked a pitch at Porthclais Farm; which should cater for my carload. Are you looking for a climbing partner, only Barney may be looking for one? Will be good to see you.


Hi Peter. I’ll be mixing and matching regarding partners! I think originally a loose plan was that I’ll “mainly” be climbing with Duc and Che but I am pretty flexible and may have some other folk joining too. Plus I am too flabby and soft to be climbing all day every day :smiley:


Hi yeah thanks Peter - if anyone’s looking for a partner/there’s anyone I can tag along with let me know! Have rack and ropes :slight_smile:


Sounds like the party is on at Porthclais! Initially I was The outlier having failed to book in at Caerfai Bay with Tim and Manchi etc but it looks like I’ve now inadvertently created a dominant tribe :smiley:


Fran, our children and I are in a different campsite closer to a beach, but I am keen to come and climb as well. I’m also partnerless, so I’d be mixing and matching, too.


Looking forward to it! Is the plan to cook on the campsite, or pub it?


Top tip for the weekend, don’t climb Aries on Initiation Slabs on a pair of 30m ropes (or a “folded” 60m)
It would be a bad idea. I may or may not know this from experience :smiley:


assuming people are still planning to go despite rather wet forecast? debating as we’re soft in our old age now that we’re van-less …


Wet? Aaaaa

I’ll still go; Fran and Paul already there and reporting strong winds so pack all your tent pegs for all the guy ropes…


I would happily pub a bit :slight_smile:


My forecast shows good weather Saturday and Monday, with rain Sunday, which is not too bad; no doubt different forecasters show differently though.





How is everyone’s journey ?
Me and Duc should be pitching up at 22:15


Laura and I have pitched; just inside the gate of the 2nd field.