2023 Lake District Meet 5th-8th May

It’s been a while since we’ve ventured to these watery lands, so time to make use of that extra Bank Holiday (thanks Kingy-C3) and make our way up to the Lakes.

Due to challenges around logistics of booking somewhere to stay, I am keen to start to get an idea of likely numbers and agreement on location asap (although technically this isn’t the next meet). I have added a column so even those not 100% sure yet can note their name down, and I’ll get you to confirm closer to the time.

Meet type: main focus likely trad multi-pitch but most types of climbing available in addition to scrambling, range of crag accessibility, known for long walk-ins

When: 5th-8th May

Location: Lake District, Cumbria (Borrowdale Valley Base)

Experience level: some

Skills needed: lead belaying

Equipment required: basic (helmet, harness, belay device, rock shoes) ideally some advanced (prussik loops, slings, carabiners)

Signup: NLMC 2023 Lake District Meet - Signup - Google Sheets


  1. Accommodation on offer is a mix of bunkhouse and camping, the group will need to split between

12 Beds - Bowderstone Bunkhouse has been booked. Rate is £30pp (£10pppn)
This will be booked up first come first served, based on the column in the spreadsheet and sending me the monies.
Additional information for the bunkhouse can be found here: NLMC 2023 Lakes Meet - Additional Info – Google Drive

Additional camping space will be booked at Hollow Farms - which is 1.3mi/25 min walk/ 5 min drive from the bunkhouse http://www.hollowsfarm.co.uk/ (unfortunately no BnB space!)

  1. Transport - as usual, please self organise by reaching out to drivers on the spreadsheet. Please update the spreadsheet when you have a lift confirmed. It isn’t impossible to get up by public transport, will just need to ensure enough space for driving between crags.



Hi Tilly,

If you’re thinking about campsites in Borrowdale, hollows farm is very conveniently located for a lot of the more reliable climbing (sheperds etc) and it’s in a really nice place (also near cafe, less near pub but they are extremely busy and will be carnage that weekend). Owner is also nice.



Anyone fancy going up early drop me a line. Lots of stuff I want to do up there, including a raft of Classic Rock routes so any ability welcome.

Guy - thanks for the advise on Hollow Farms, I have sent and enquiry.

I note a few people were interested in a bunkhouse, there is amazingly availability for the Bowderstone Bunk house (Bowderstone Bunkhouse | Self Catering Accomm) - this is closeish to Hollow Farms, 25 min walk, but only has a capacity for 12 and no camping space. At capacity it is the same or less than the cost of camping.

Firstly - is everyone happy with Borrowdale (I don’t see any complaints in the spready)

Secondly - is there sufficient appetite for the bunkhouse and wondering how people feel if we end up with more than 12 and need to split those who want to camp vs. those who don’t between the bunkhouse and campsite - splitting the group a bit!

Thoughts welcome and quick decisions :slight_smile:

I would definitely prefer the bunkhouse to camping and would be happy to pay a bit extra for this. However, I’m not sure how many would prefer camping and how people feel about potentially splitting the group.

I shouldn’t really get a vote because Van, but I reckon you should book the bunkhouse. Campsites in the Lakes are usually really wanky about post-10pm arrivals and that’s always been a problem for NLMC in the past. I’d be amazed if you can’t get 12 people signed on. Late comers will have to be content with camping…

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If you can book the bunkhouse do that for the reasons Paul says. Tho I also own a van now I remember… vanning in the lakes is a bit grim tho


Not sure if this would help if there are more people, but I found this place which has 20 places for £200pn:

You’ll need to check if they actually have availability as there’s no online booking. Also its close to Glenridding/Hellvelyn, so I don’t think the location is as good. Might be worth a shot though.

Won’t be able to make it (unless the weather in Scotland is shit enough that we come back early :sweat_smile:) but agree that getting the bunkhouse now sounds like a good idea!

This is another vote for the bunkhouse!

Sounds great. I am happy with any accommodation as long as there is a toilet and flat ground.
I might see and try to make it a longer trip.

About to put money down on the bunkhouse for 12.

Thanks for link to the larger bunkhouse Ian, unfortunately doesn’t look to be near the crags.

Seeing as we are already over subscribed for the number of beds in the bunkhouse we will have to spill over into a nearby campsite. If you want a bunkhouse bed please claim your spot in the new added column, first come first served!

Note that the bunkhouse doesn’t have designated parking, and those staying will have to use the national trust car park for £7.50 for 24hrs. There looks to be a small lay-by but not guaranteed and unlikely to fit all!

If no complaints will put the money down!


£7.50 for 24 hours is pretty damn good for the Lake District TBH.

Bunkhouse looks great and well done for getting it on a bank holiday! Do you need deposit monies?

Yes, feels lucky! I will need monies as have just paid the bunkhouse full, for those who have indicated they want a space please can you transfer me £30 for the weekend to claim your space.

Bonus is we have a free night thrown in at the bunk house and is available to use Thurs - Mon and you can try one of these with your coffee in the morn / beer in the eve UKC Logbook - The Bowderstone

I will need to pay a deposit for the camping too, so will figure that out what I need when confirmed.

Van people are you wanting to be in the campsite or will you find your own place to pull in and sleep?

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I’ll bum around so don’t book the campsite for me, ta

Hi Tilly, does the 24 hour NT car park allow sleeping? It not I’ll go to the campsite. Do I book or will you?



According to Parking in Borrowdale and Derwent Water| | National Trust there is no overnight parking, though presumably there is some arrangment for the bunkhouse - @Tilly_F do you know how that works?

I have asked how that works, all they have said is “You can park overnight at the Bowder Stone car park and the £7.50 charge is per 24 hrs” . There doesn’t seem to be a requirement to demonstrate that the car is staying at the bunkhouse. Unfortunately, it is not clear what that means for sleeping in the van? I was going to book a few camping pitches for the group - waiting for a call back.

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I would have thought overnighting in the van in a national trust car park is a bad plan esp given it’s a bank holiday. Things can get very gross… I think the campsite is probably a safer bet.

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