2018 Meet dates

Hi all,

Would anyone like to organise a trip for 2018?

Meet dates for next year will be finalised in the next week to be put in the club calendar so let me know! (although organising any trips ad hoc is still welcome)

Organising should only involve setting a destination (anywhere!), perhaps booking accommodation (and a pub if needed), reminding everyone about it via the chat, helping to sort out drivers/lifts, and drumming up psyche!


What about a Scottish Winter climbing trip? Who would be up for that? I’m thinking end of Jan / beginning of Feb. Maybe even some skiing.

This picture was taken Scotland btw, not the alps.

I would definitely be up for Scottish winter trip.

I would also be up for a Scotland trip.

I may be but the last few years have seen very poor conditions at that time
of year. Not been coming good until March and early April. Longer days too.

Always keen for Scotland any time conditions are good! :slight_smile:

I’m always keen for a trip to Scotland, missed out last year as conditions
never got anything like good enough when I was available!

Looks like there’s enough interest to have an official “Scotland Winter Climbing” meet. For sure the conditions have been pretty poor. My vote would be to label up the trip as winter climbing with Scotland as the first choice but going to the alps if conditions don’t permit. The year before last, the Ben Nevis meet was held in Cogne. The last minute accommodation and flights were fine and the ice was in good enough condition to climb.

I’d like to get a week plus weekends in Catrin’s Club Calendar for next year. Does 3-Feb-2018 to 11-Feb-2018 suit? That should mean it will be cold enough somewhere (hopefully!). First choice would be Scotland.

What sort of gear is absolutely necessary for winter climbing and would someone kindly volunteer to show me the ropes? I’ve never done it before but would really like to. Unfortunately I can only go to Scotland as continental Europe is beyond my reach until spring. Also, my birthday is mid-feb so I could justify buying new gear :slight_smile:

Start saving your pennies Tutu. You will need a good pair of boots, B2 at
least so look at £240 or so. A pair of ice tools around £160. crampons
about £70 to 100 plus warm clothing. You may be able to borrow hardware but
the boots are essential.

I concur with @Haszko, however minimalist you want to be, it’s best to have boots. The rest is going to be route dependent.

Thank you for the advice! that will be one hell of a birthday present… How did people do it before all the fancy gear was invented? Because I know they did!

They had nailed boots, cut steps and wore woolly jumpers!

I got my boots as a half price deal and my ice tools off ukc … Worth
watching for people who tried it and didn’t like selling off almost new
gear …

I wouldn’t want to drive nails into my trainers… might wait until people start selling their unwanted Christmas gifts.

Tutu, I am currently living somewhere with no ice or snow and won’t be
winter climbing this season… I’ve got crampons and a walking axe you
could borrow, and possibly boots depending on your shoe size. You would
have to wait til I come home for Christmas to get them though. If you’re
interested send me an email (hkirk777@gmail.com).

As with Harri, I have kit but won’t be out this winter.

I could loan you crampons and some axes (either some straight shaft ones which I think are Vertiges, or some better bent shaft TaKoons which are excellent if on the heavy side and therefore require stronger wrists on steeper ground) if you can find an easy way to get them (I am in Poole)

In terms of meets, does the club have any interest in dws? The Dorset crags are on my doorstep, campsite logistics are easy and a late summer or early autumn weekend should offer good conditions…

Thank you so much for the gear borrowing offers @hkirk777 @ajmorris228! I’m in London without a car but should be able to take a train if necessary to pick up crampons/axes. I think I may have to buy my own boots as my size is EU38. But there’s still lots of time so I’ll keep an eye for any sales. I’ll have to buy some personal gear anyway to dress appropriately for the weather…

oh btw @ajmorris228 I’d be interested in DWS when the sea is not too cold (or also sport climbing in Portland!) So far I’ve only done it in very warm seas…

Hi all,

It seems there is a lot of interest in a winter trip so we have put some dates in the calendar. And for those who are new to winter climbing / want a refresher of some basics, there is a winter skills lecture by the BMC on November 28th. If we get a group together we can get a discount :slight_smile:

As for a Dorset trip - that sounds like a great idea. I think the calendar has already gone off to print but there should still be plenty of time in the year to organise more informally.