2018 Meet dates


Hi Catrin,
You can put me down for a ticket…



I’d also be interested in the BMC winter lecture.
They do also have a lot of winter climbing videos online that I’ve started watching :slight_smile:


I’m very keen on a winter trip somewhere - not yet a member of the club though and not sure how to become one really.

Keen on the lecture too.

I have my own boots, crampons, ice axes. No other winter hardwear though really.

Thanks, Kevin


@Kevin_G, take a look here for info on how to join the Club:



Hi Andy,

I’d be keen for DWS in Dorset. Magical Mystery Tour, Rainbow Bridge, Horny Lil Devil and maybe Freeborn Man would be on my list.



Great - sounds like people are keen for the talk. I will create a new post to see if anyone else is interested :slight_smile: