12th December London Xmas curry 2023

Hi all,
With only a day delay from Mr Barlow I announce that the official LONDON Xmas curry will be held on December 12th - allowing any fanatic to attend both if necessary.
The max number of attendees is set to 30 and the venue this year will be PURAAN on Turnpike Lane. The restaurant is a friendly south Indian vegetarian bring your own booze. Nearby there are many corner shop to get your drinks before hand. They have offered us a menu with platter of starters, 2 curries of choice, rice parotta and desert for 13£ a head. Please make sure you put any dietary requirements on the spreadsheet and I’ll make sure they can accommodate you.
Pre-pub drinks will be starting from 7 at the quite grim Wetherspoon next door The Toll Gate while post beers will be held at the Salisbury - voted one of the best pubs in London - and coincidentally very nearby the Tomlivani headquarters.
Hope to see you lots there, sign up below!


Well done Laura. Cheap rounds at the 'Spoons and back in Wood Green, the original home of the NLMC!

Alright but what about pre- and post-curry meats?

Amazing, thanks Laura! Will be there with bells on :blush:

Xmas jumpers, t-shirts, elf hats, tinsel, etc highly encouraged :santa:t3:

Wetherspoons pork scratchings not good enough for you?

Thanks Laura, looking forward to it!

Quite liking the adjective grade of “quite grim” being added to the first pub! :joy:

Cheers for organising, it should be a good night.

No shortage of meat on green lanes should you need a top up!

Don’t we have a meats secretary to help organise this?


Change of plans - we will all get 4 curries - otherwise it was super complicated for them. I’ll pick 4 out of the most popular options!


Hey, are you already talking to them about gluten free? Normally curry is fine but if their menu to to believed I can only eat banana chips :joy: I can get in touch with them but didn’t want to confuse things

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They told me that all their dosas and most of their curries are GF, and to simply let them know on the day. However, once I have the full number of people’s coming and all dietary requirements I’ll get in touch again to make sure they know and have options for you!

Ahahah okay we’re full already! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Oof that was a hard choice. But the decision has been made :sweat_smile:

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Oh noooo, it’s full :(((

Hi all. The list is full but if I want to attend, should I write my name down below in case somebody decides not to go?

The Sheffield curry still has spaces unlike this one, just saying

Hey sorry - I have added a waiting list just in case.
Greg and Polina you’re both in it,

wow, great, thank you!

Hi there, unfortunately i cant now make this snazzy event. I’ll try to get along for a drink after monday climb to say before the xmas mayhem!

Sad to not see you at the curry @bullopolis Martin, but this means @Greg can take your spot!
Just to clarify, I agreed with the restaurant that each table will get 4 curries and for ease of seating plan we will all get the same 4 - selected from the most voted!
It sounds complicated but it should work!
@Crhughes will have her own stuff :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing you all!
And remember the jolly attire!