Yorkshire Meet - Easter - 14th-17th April

Are you interested in attending the NLMC Yorkshire Meet over the Easter weekend?

Harriet has proposed the delightful Crag Hill Farm in Horton In Ribblesdale. It is right in the middle of prime limestone country and has nearby climbing to suit most tastes (trad, sport and bouldering). The Yorkshire grit crags are within 30-60 minutes’ drive and even Langdale in the Lakes is only 1 hours 20 minutes away if it is really sunny!

The campsite itself meets all of the key NLMC requirements, namely:

  • Cheap - this is an old school £5 pppn sort of place
  • No caravans
  • Beautiful location
  • Pub and cafe within a mile
  • Unfortunately it does have showers but you don’t have to use them…

Camping also means if the weather is dire we have the flexibility to go somewhere else. If you would like to come can you please let me know whether or not you have a car and are willing to drive and when/where you can leave? Most people will want to leave on Friday night but there might be some who favour Saturday morning.

@rspillett rightly points out that I meant:
“Most people will want to leave on Thursday night but there might be some who favour Friday morning.”

My brain is incapable of coping with weeks that end on a Thursday.

Laura and I will be there, heading up Thursday evening. We may be able to offer lifts in the car.

I am keen to come along! Would be great to get a lift if there is one going

I’ll be there.

Since moving to Leeds I have been hanging around with the Gritstone Club,
another venerable climbing institution which rivals NLMC for longevity and
first ascents. I’m going to suggest to them that this could be a joint
meet, so we may have some local knowledge on hand to help steer us away
from sandbags.

I’m keen to join for a day over the weekend. Will probably be around the
limestone crags by then


I am very likely to want to go and would greatly appreciate a lift. Based in North London (Tottenham).

Everyone knows there are no such thing as sandbag grades in Yorkshire :wink:

On the subject of sandbags, I’m due a rematch with Desperation Crack.

Bagsy seconding! :slight_smile: There’s loads of stuff I want to do at Brimham of a
more sensible grade/style as well.

BTW there’s a photo on UKC of someone who looks suspiciously like JT
seconding that. Am I correct?

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This has just reminded me of Gigglin’ Crack, also at Brimham. It is very well protected, only 10m long and the first 5m is easy hand jamming. I am (quite literally) incapable of imagining how desperate the top 5m crack must be for it to be E6. What does 6c off-widthing even mean!?

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Spectating would make the long drive to Yorkshire worthwhile in itself?!

@hkirk777 @Tom_S that is indeed me. I just read the description of the route and then clicked on it to see some photos and was surprised to see myself.


I would love to come as well if I could get a lift up with someone


Apologies for the radio silence. At the moment I think it’s:

  • me, @naomi_sorrel and Max the dog probably with spaces in the people carrier
  • @jrtomlins and laura, possibly with space in their car
  • @hkirk777 who lives in God’s own country already so doesn’t need a lift
  • @Binit-Shah who is likely to pop over and visit so needs to be kept abreast of plans
  • @catrin, @Omar and @MattGee who all need lifts

Are there any more takers before I try and work out logistics? I know @peter.harris2 / @Peter was interested at one stage but may have had a better offer by now. :slight_smile:

I am definitely up for the trip and could drive, departing Oakwood, Enfield
on Thursday evening, returning Monday.

Hi, I hope it’s not too late to join this. I would love to come if I can get a lift!

I’ll now be in North Wales instead so no lift needed thanks!

Are people still planning to go to this or joining the other Easter trip to Pembroke?

If it is possible I would love to come also. I am based in London and unfortunately have no transport so would need a ride