Yorkshire meet 8-9 june

Hi guys,
Well its time to visit gods own country for gods own rock doin god knows what!
After much deliberation thinkin almscliffe again, i am sure with forays to other venues. Camping and i’ll post details of site when booked.
Heres the oblig. link for interest.

Post up your name and lets get Yorkshire…puddins :wink:

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Hmm if it’s Almscliffe again I’ll probably not join as getting back from Helsinki late Friday night and if I’m to schlep to Yorkshire I’d rather go somewhere new and rather climb limestone than grit (nowt against grit, just that it’s best saved for cold days not hot summer ones).

Sounds fun! I have never climbed grit before so that should be interesting…

It’s possible that my American buddy Ben might be able to come along, if so he has a car but I will confirm this so don’t assume anything.

Depending on where people go I might be keen, not keen at all for almscliffe as I’ve spent too much time there. Keen for some limestone trad tbh or bouldering would be even better, certainly not grit weather for me

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Hey. I am easy on venue. I now know campsites near almscliffe are a bit of a pain. Anyone know of a better location? I only know brimham and slipstones, both excellent in my opinion but perhaps more for the boulderer. Alternative? Always wanted to check out ilkley if only to make a john dunne pilgrimage!

I’d be keen. For any type of rock actually :smiley:

Open to rock types and locations really, but I would prefer to get some more trad mileage or sport climbing in rather than bouldering this time.

@bullopolis - Are you at ME tonight to have a chat about plans?

Depending on the weather, a few people I’ve spoken to would be keen on Almscliff as it has a really broad range of trad grades for at least one day of the weekend.

Lifts look to be a bit scarce though in terms of cars even with getting a rental etc.

Hi guys. Not gonna be at ME tonight and unfortunately I’m not now gonna be able to make this meet. :pensive: Got family thing booked in that i’d forgot about!
The campsite that guys booked at last year was breaks fold farm.
Catrin mentioned booking in small groups if you’re a large party.
Good luck with it and post pictures.

That’s a blow. Sorry you can’t make it. Think we play it by ear and see what the weather does. As it stands the whole trip could just about fit into Peter’s car and frankly I’d be happy to hit the Peak unless people have their hearts set on Yorkshire.

Pretty sure I’ll be a no-show as I’ve skived off so much this past month I think I’ll need to work solidly the Saturday and Sunday.

I was useless on the lift front anyway…

@MattGee, I agree with you about keeping eyes on where the weather forecast is good and heading there. We also need to consider camp sites.

Sadly I’m not goign to be able to make it. My tendon’s still playing up and I want to give it as much rest as possible. Have fun!

Hey I just wanted to ask if north wales is now the new destination or if yorkshire is still a thing.
I am fine with either, but i’d just like to know who is going now and where i would find a place in a car

Uh oh meet kaos I blame @guyarnold

My preference is to stay in London this weekend (based on the North Wales forecast), and to target the following weekend, driving up to the Cottage on the evening of Friday 14th.

I think given the forecast Yorkshire and the Peak look out. Heavy rain Friday followed by rain showers and strong winds Saturday. I’m ‘officially’ dropping out of this one, although if the forecast improves Sunday I would consider a day trip but that is up to people with a car.

Who remembers last year when people were complaining that it was “too hot”.


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I’ve pulled myself out too, for the same reasons. I will keep my eyes on the forecasts though, in case a day trip becomes worth while.