Xmas Curry 2019

Hi all, it’s that time of year!

NLMC would like to invite you all to the Christmas Curry :partying_face:

Meet at The Crown and Anchor, 137 Drummond Street, NW1 2HL for drinks
19:30 for 20:00:
Head to Ravi Shankar (vegetarian) curry house, Drummond Street
after curry cocktails and dancing (apologies in advance for my flailing!)

To keep it simple - and as there were apparently loads of us last year! - we are going for their set menu:
The variety of flavours and spices from South India, with occasional customisation by the chef
£15.95 per person
Quantity of papadums and crispy snacks given with a selection of chutneys and pickles
Selection of freshly prepared finger foods
MAIN COURSES (with only a touch of oil)
Thoran - Stir fried seasonal vegetables cooked Malabar style with coconut, mustard seeds and lightly spiced.
Three varied curries - cooked in traditional Kerala style
RICE Lemon rice or Coconut rice
DESSERT Various types of desserts

Please add your name to the spread sheet below if going - I need to let them know numbers in advance

See you all there


Great work Lottie, looks like it will be fantastic!

(Ping to get to top of chat list)
28 people have signed up so far. Don’t forget to sign up ASAP if you’re coming!

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Can I up a space please. I’m not sure if we can both come this time.



There’s just over a week to go! :partying_face:
If anyone hasn’t yet added their name, please do so. I will let the curry house know numbers end of this week

yay, just found out about this yesterday.
I’m in :smiley:

Aah, would love to come, but there’s a strong chance I’ll be freezing my ass off in Finland, drinking too much nespresso coffee in lawyers’ offices… Thanks for organising Lottie, and I hope you all have fun!

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Ah, Finnish coffee… it tops Nespresso on the scale of bitterness! :laughing:

Looks like I will not freeze in Finland after all… at least for now. Curry it is!

Fabulous! Glad to have you there :smile:

OK everyone, I’ll be calling the restaurant today with numbers.

Can’t wait to see you all for an Xmas knees up :partying_face:

Hi Lottie,

Can Naomi and I come? Struggling with the spreadsheet update from my phone- could you update it for us if there’s still room?



I think you guys are already on it. Vegan option for you?

How mysterious… Yes, vegan pls!

Thanks Lottie,


I added you last week Will, when we were in the pub

I think I remember; thanks Holly!

It’s Christmas Curry tomorrow!

Just a little note to say, as there are lots of us, if you could pay in cash I think the restaurant would be very grateful (and it would speed things up!). It’s £15.95 for the set meal, I’m sure there will be a service charge, and they have a licesnse so add on whatever booze you buy.

We are 30mins later than scheduled, so dinner is 8 for 8:30. I will still be in the Crown and Anchor from 18:30, in my nice new NLMC t-shirt (thank you @HollyP!) .

Can’t wait to see you all there! :partying_face:


I’m looking forward to the curry this evening. Looks like a massive turnout. Well done Lottie and thank you for organising. Good call about bringing cash.

Suggestion for ease of bill accounting and thinking ahead to when thinking might just be a little harder: can folks organise groups (say 4-6 people, maybe by table) for the purposes of billing and agree those groups with their waiter / waitress. Saves having one enormous bill and the last people out being left to protect the club reputation with wads of their own cash well beyond what they ate and drank themselves!


Hey! I’ve come down with a horrible bug and won’t be able to make it this evening unfortunately! :frowning: Hope you all have a great time & Merry Christmas!! :evergreen_tree: