Wye Valley easter day trip 16/17th April

Anyone interested in meeting up in the Wye on Sunday or Monday over Easter, specifically Shorncliff https://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crag.php?id=39

There’s nothing really under HS, but there is loads of good stuff at that grade and above. I’d be driving from Gloucestershire, not got a climbing partner lined up at present.

Hi Chiz

I could be interested.

Got to dash just now.


07793 365975

cool, can sort something nearer the time

Come to Pembroke chiz!

It is tempting…Will there be any punters there to climb with though?

People want to do various grades!

But are they the grades i can do…

Looking like may be going Shorn Cliff the Friday, and then Pembroke the Sunday/Monday…And can stay longer…

Is it Bosherston?