Woodworm -appeal for knowledge!

we’ve known for a little while that there is woodworm in the Cottage shower block ceiling, and were planning on replacing all the tongue and groove and treating the areas above the ceiling at the next working meet, unfortunately a recent inspection shows that we have fresh woodworm in quite a bit of the furniture and fixtures in the Cottage front room and kitchen, including tables, chairs, benches, shelves and food racking…and also in the joists above the kitchen/shower block. There’s not a huge amount yet, but it appears to be spreading, and that isn’t good…

We’re obviously wanting to get a grip on this, and will be getting professional advice, but are there any members have direct experience of dealing with woodworm and could offer any advice on treatment and ongoing prevention etc? It would be really good to get as much information as possible so we’re not just following trade guidance…

Please post/message me on here, or by email to chizharward@hotmail.com



Dear Chiz,
thanks for letter.
Firstly are the holes old or new. A hole signifies that the insect has flown.I had wood work in my previous house.
For under the floorboards or rafters, I used a smoke bomb. This kills all. Of course you cant live in it. it has to clear. (once insecticide has settled it is safe.)
Although I have not looked at the timbers, unless the timbers are collapsing the insecticide should do it.
otherwise I painted on an insecticide on the timbers. That worked and the house is still standing (although I don’t live there…)
The timbers would have to be well holed and obviously weak to be replaced. So don’t despair and start tearing your hair out.
Allen B.
You might get in touch with an old member, who has left under a cloud. Ron Denton. He was/is a knowledgeable chap… email address: rondenton@easy.comtel: 01279723 714I do have an e mail for Judith Denton which may be easier/up to date.

Dear Chiz,
here is Judith Denton e maial

Wood work is all over Britain. it does not mean that all timbers have to be replaced. A lot of it is probably old holes old holes and a good coating of insecticide will do the job.
Onwe must watch thse experts who come in. They may say do the whole building etc - at a cost and a good commission to them.!!!
Allen B.

That’d be me then Chiz - give us a bell when you get a chance and I might be able to shed some light on options. Did a lot of this when I had the firm and cutting out timber is a last resort generally.


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This stuff gets a good write up via google. approx £18 from Screwfix. We could paint the furniture an doors etc with it at least.cheers,Peter Wilson

Thanks all, that is all really useful info, very much appreciate it. We don’t want to just follow professional advice, when potentially we can do some treatment ourselves, and it is really good to get ideas on what possibles routes to take. Main thing is getting on top of it ASAP so we don’t have a bigger structural issue down the line.

There are fresh holes, with emergent beetles, so it is live, and it is spreading. We’ll do everything possible to minimise impact on staying at Cottage, whilst making sure we get a grip on the problem and sort it.

Kelvin, I’ll give you a bell when I get a minute, on site at the moment…

and I was really looking forward to a big bonfire…