Wood supply at Cottage

Happy new year to everyone, the wood supply is running low, there is a delivery of wood on order, but that isn’t going to be there for a bit, so can everyone just pace themselves on the fire front and put on a jumper…

We may well run out in a few days and afraid you’ll have to go buy your own wood if the delivery hasn’t arrived yet. Remember no foraging for wood from the surrounding woodland…

Just a reminder that the wood we are currently burning is from our own beech trees that were felled a few years ago, once we finish that off we will be buying wood in, which is expensive and there may well be times when we run out. The club didn’t use to supply wood and you had to carry your own up…if and when we get a new burner for the Cottage there should be a noticable increase in effiency and hopefully we will get through less wood and continue to be able to afford to provide it.

I’ve put a burner fan on the stove to help distribute the hot air, it sits at the BACK of the stove, it starts automatically,

Thanks Chiz. I was clearing up some club papers over Christmas and found an invoice from M Jones of Betws Trees, so I can pass on phone numbers if this supplier doesn’t work out.

Chiz, Yes, the little fan works. Grreat. There is still some wood there.
However two points:

No black bin bags in Cottage for rubbish etc.

  1. My daughter Sara who booked the Barn over new year, tells me that the
    fire door from the lower bedroom to the toilets does not close fully, thus
    smoke etc can percolate into the bedroom.
    The self closing rods need attention.
    The clear/white rubbish bags in the Barn are quite small .

Happy New Year. Allen Bordoley

Hi Allen, thanks for the info, there were definitely some bin bags there last week, big roll of clear ones under the sink?

Will ask Mike to look at the door, but you shouldn’t really be smoking in the toilet…

I can’t remember off top of my head if we say we provide bin bags at Barn, but unless they are tiny I am sure people will cope.

Chiz. Yes there are see through bags in the cottage.
The Club has always provided black bin bags in the Barn for hirers use.
At one time I ordered 200) b lack bin bags for barn and cottage. the price
then became very cheap. They lasted a long time and there were no
problems for some years.
Cheetrs. Allen

doesn’t sound like there are any real problems now to be honest

2000 bags not 200. Allen

We’re going to come up at the weekend and so I packed two Ikea bags full of mixed wood from the garden of the house we are going to stop renting soon (some of it’s actual logs, some of it’s smaller stuff). Any advice on getting them up to the hut? I guess we just have to carry in? Anyone else going up this weekend and want to help?

Hi Mike, great stuff, the logs delivery probably won’t be there by the weekend so that’s a good idea. The supply has reduced very rapidly over new year so we may well run out this weekend, afraid that yes, you’ll just have to carry them up, there is a sack barrow in the shed (key in kitchen, please replace) but I think it will just be a case of humping them up the hill, maybe take them up in batches and yes, get anyone else up there to help! cheers

I’m hoping to be able to make A Very Exciting Announcement soon about all this, but need to wait a bit longer…

Are you buying pack animals to carry the load?
Are you buying up old army mortar artillery wooden pack frames to hump the
wood up? Yes we did use these frame in the old days!!!
That is when we were strong and far seeing and knew we had to carry timber
up on our back or in our arms to keep the special open wood burning
fireplace going.
Yours sincerely, An old Timer aka Allen Bordoley.
It was NEVER a problem carrying wood up to cottage - after all you all
seem to carry numerous eclectic electronic pieces of apparatus
to let persons know where you are and when you will arrive…
Have a great time. ps don’t burn wood that has been soaked in preservative
or railway sleepers or still has paint on it. dangerous fumes. White wood
has been kiln dried and may also have chemicals in it.
If you see skips with old dark brown roof timbers that is quite Ok and very
combustible. it is pre-lst and 2nd World war timbers and well and truly
seasoned. Just ask the skip owner if you can take some . He will be pleased
to lighten
the weight load of the skip (which is charged by weight for unloading…)
You can quickly cut it into car sized lengths etc.

Have a great warm time and a good sleep in front of the CHEERY LOG FIRE.
ps again. We used to have a an open iron grate there at one time with a
large bellows to pump oxygen into the timbers. Two persons either side
could sit there as in the ancient medieval times.
Ask Richard Haszko he will certainly remember those days as I do too. Good
for toast, horse chestnuts and marsh mallows which were not around then…

Delivery of logs provisionally booked in for next weekend, 13/14th January, given state of the track the 4x4 will struggle to get a trailer with 3 tonnes of logs all the way up the hill, so if anyone is up and can help that would be great. The current plan is to load the logs into a 4x4 and relay up the hill, but there will be transferring/stacking to do. I will hopefully be up but am out on the hill rather than working, so won’t be able to stack til after I get off the hill

We left a fair supply of various sizes of wood in the cottage. There’s almost none in the wood store outside. It’s more than we used in the weekend so there should be enough until the wood delivery, maybe even if that gets slightly delayed. Couldn’t find the pack animals and the sheep didn’t seem to understand so it was carried up in Ikea blue bags (I guess that will be a Royal Artillery cost cutting measure - pack frames may be better but you can get 317 blue bags for the price of one pack frame so it’s hard to justify the expense nowadays).

Many thanks Mike, much appreciated

Wood delivery made over the weekend and stores replenished. It’s seasoned hardwood, please restrain yourselves from burning it all straight away! You won’t need anywhere near as much as of the rotten beech,