Women’s Climbing Symposium 2018 HarroWall 6th Oct

The Women’s Climbing Symposium 2018 is at The New HarroWall in Harrow, north London on the 6th Oct.
I’ve got my ticket and it would be great to have a group of us go, especially as it’s so close in London. Tickets will sell out so it is a good idea to book early. Tickets are available now.

Its a women only event and it is a whole day with 2 workshops, 3 headlining talks and more in the program for focus talks.
Anyone else keen?

Enjoy and a good day for all of you. Allen B.

This is a reminder that the womens climbing symposium is taking place at HarroWall on the 6th Oct. There are a few members who are already going and i’m sure we will arrange to get together for lunch. There are a few tickets left to buy so its not too late if you are a woman and still thinking about it. The workshops are brilliant and the talks have always been very good and inspiring.

I’m going! I don’t know you all yet so could I join in for lunch or general hang outs?!

Haven’t met anyone in this group either, but will be going to the symposium and would be great to meet up :slight_smile:

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Holly and Jae it would be great to meet you. We could arrange a meet point somewhere at the start and take it from there. In the past we have tended to drift off to workshops and different talks and meet up for lunch, longer breaks.
Are you coming by yourself or part of a group?

That sounds great, Francesca. Yeah, i’ll be coming along by myself.

Great thanks Francesca. I’m kind of by myself but also part of another group so happy to meet, drift etc. Just keen to get to know club members here!