Winter is coming 2017

Hi all,

The BMC are doing a lecture on winter skills, which is always a great idea for anyone wanting to learn or get a refresher on the basics. More info on the site below.

It’s happening 28th November. I know a few people have already expressed interest (@dadler @krisk @Tutu @Kevin_G) - anyone else want to join? We can get a discount if we book as a group of ten or more so let me know on this thread and I can make a booking.


Hi Catrin

I am interested and would like to come along.


Winter lecture in London is already sold out :frowning:
does anyone fancy going to Reel Rock 12 instead?

I would like to check out the Reel Rock - maybe the Tuesday night showing?

I fancy going too; Tuesday would be best.


Tuesday works for me too. Weds is sold out already. If we fail to get three more volunteers for discounted tickets, I’ll buy mine tomorrow cos I don’t want to miss this one. Climbing movies are so much better on big screen!

Oh, bummer about the winter talk. Who knew it would be so popular

3 other folks interested in Reel Rock 12 on the Tuesday for a discounted block? If not I guess we will just pull the trigger on individual tix today.

I would be up for the 28th :slight_smile:


OK, I think it is every man for himself on this one… I just checked the website and while it says 28 November is sold out on one link, i was nonetheless able to buy a single ticket for 28 November (I think it is just the discounted group block tickets that are sold out). Anyway, the discount is only like 2 quid, and it looks like it is no longer available (for Tuesday in any case). So, if anyone is keen to go, I would just jump on it and get an individual ticket before it sells out.

yeah it’s already sold out for tue and wed so I just bought myself one for monday

I have bought a ticket for Monday too.