Winter Climbing Kit

Hi guys. I am lucky enough to be going on a ski touring/ mountaineering trip from march 9 till 17. Thing is I dont own crampons, ice screws or axes.
Does anyone have spares of these they could lend me for the period? I appreciate it is prime winter timing so there may be reluctance but I will reward with a tipple of choice!

I have 2 long ice screws and an older ice axe (though if you can get hold of a much lighter modern axe that would be better).

Thanks mr barlow. All donations welcome!..soz i am defo just borrowing :smiley:

@bullopolis definitely sensible to borrow. Nobody should buy winter gear till after they are sure they can love it. @Tom_Blake has my old axes and crampons. Not sure if he’s still using them or if he’s back in town but if they are free then definitely you should feel free to borrow them.

Edit to say: DMM Fly axes so quite suitable for alpine use, but for ski touring you might prefer a walking axe. I have a spare one of those I can bring down to the wall on 27 Feb or 6 March.

Thanks so much mike.
@Tom_Blake do you think you’ll be able to pass them on before i go on march 9th?

Yep, just got back into the UK so I’ll drop off on Wednesday if you’re at mile end? Or I’ll leave them with Miguel :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Tom_Blake; @bullopolis just beware that I don’t think they had any leashes or lanyards when I gave them to @Tom_Blake. You’ll want to think about how you use them depending on terrain. I think I have some of the stuff in boxes so I might be able to get it to you next wednesday (27th) but please don’t count on it yet.

Hi guys. Sorry @Tom_Blake , just read this. I am now sorted thanks. Tim and Manchi lent me gear. So need. Thanks guys

Do you still need my 2 ice screws?

Thanks Dave, but manchi and tim have been kind enough to lend me everything. Thanks again. M