Winter 2022 newsletter call for content!

Hi all,
Please send my way any content for the newsletter at or direct message me!
Some ideas include a report of the Lundy meet, new members meet, Working meet, AGM Summary and please gather content in the coming bouldering meet!
Any recipes, poems, drawings ect very welcome!
Will be a fun one :smiley:


Will get something together for scotland 22 :grin:


YEEEEE (deeply depressed to not have joined)

Would you like something on a beginner in the Alps?


Hello all! Have not received much at all yet. Any chance anyone would be keen to write something on Scotland? Bouldering meet? Lundy meet? New members meet? @George_T @PaulSagar @Tilly_F @LIon @Peter (just tagging random people hoping they possibly ask other people too xD)
Lots of love

I’ve got something I wrote about a great day out on the Mamores several years ago if that’s any good.

Happy to write something for the new members meet, but will absolutely need someone to remind me what happened :joy:

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@Haszko as someone venturing into Alps mountaineering for the first time this year, I would find that super useful!

I’ll get something to you. It’s really about making mistakes but getting away with it.

Hi Lottie.
This any good?

  1. On the Brenva Ridge
  2. Grand Capucin
  3. On the Zmutt Ridge
  4. The Matterhorn, Zmutt Ridge on the right.

NLMC Alps Story.docx (19.1 KB)

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So essentially: go for it and try to not die? :joy:

Love the pics and the story!

That’s about it, yes.

New club moto ?

I’ve got more Alpine stuff, Midi Plan with Valerie for instance. A classic outing with some serious diversion onto the North Face and nearly a bad outcome.

I’m sure it was eventful xD