Why not, introduce yourself?

Just joined the club? Been a member since the 1950’s? We’d love to hear from you. This is the place to tell us who you are. Reply to this thread with your success and failures, your ambitions and dreams.

Some things to add:-

  • why and when you joined our club,
  • your greatest achievement (bench traverse not included),
  • 3 things you love about the NLMC,
  • your favourite crag or route (yawn),
  • a cheeky photo or
  • any other personal trivia.

Go on, don’t be shy…

Attracted to the shiny ‘all about me’ promise and not one to be shy, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and have been climbing for about six years. I enjoy sport climbing and trad climbing and have occasionally even been known to boulder (I’ve been told it’s good for me - like broccoli and brussel sprouts!).

I am currently on an extended European climbing trip and joined the club as a way to meet local London climbers.

What drew to the NLMC was: 1/ The website looked professional; 2/ The forum was accessible to the public which allowed me to get a feel for the general ‘vibe’ of the club; 3/ The club seemed to be quite active.

In the short time I have been based in London I have been on a number of outdoor climbing trips organised informally through the club. One of my favourite outings was climbing the atmospheric Gogarth with @khalidqasrawi while an inquisitive seal monitored our entire progress.

I am looking forward to having many more adventures through the club and look forward to meeting more of you in person - maybe at the infamous Christmas Curry night :blush:

Red Riding Hood, Point Perpendicular, NSW, Australia

Cool story @Liz_Caspar. Thanks for sharing and welcome to London (North).

@Catrin and @johnw1, your turn to"introduce yourself"…


Better late than never…
I started coming along to the club a couple of months ago (just to the wall on a monday/wednesday) with the hope of meeting people to climb with. Unfortunately I missed the AGM and the Christmas curry - but hoping to be getting out in 2017.

I’ve been climbing for 5 years or so and enjoy all the types (although I wouldn’t describe myself as a boulderer…). If anyone fancies getting out this winter then give me a shout :slight_smile:

I have no idea what my greatest climbing achievement is but here is a recent picture of me getting my leg stuck on Valkyrie. It was quite an achievement to get it unstuck.

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Welcome to our club @Catrin.

Hats off to you for sharing your “achievement” with us and thanks for being the second brave soul to introduce yourself.

Hi everyone, I’m John. Great posts Liz and Catrin. Sorry I had to be the last one to introduce myself!

I’ve been climbing with some of you at the Castle and Mile End and was happy to meet some more of you at the Christmas curry night. I wanted to join because the club seems really friendly with an active membership.

I’ve been climbing for about three years and have done mainly sport so far, namely a few trips to Portland and Llanymynech quarry in Mid Wales, but am looking to get more experience with trad. My plan for 2017 is to get out as much as possible and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better over the coming year.

Ps. Failing to find similarly heroic climbing pictures, here is me on a trip to Iceland discovering that the bit I had chosen to visit is mainly flat and made entirely of dust.

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Welcome to NLMC land John. Looking forward to a super year of climbing. @dabarlow has been selling some traditional looking trad gear if you’re looking for wires and cams to match your shiny sports draws!