West Country (generally, and Mon / Tue next week)


I’ve recently left London and moved to Bath which is having both a positive and negative impact on climbing! So, I’m hoping to meet any NLMC’ers who are out this way and fancy hitting the rock in the area over the coming months, and more immediately. I’m pretty much available over weekends and, as Im not starting work for a week or so, looking to get out either Monday or Tuesday next week.

If anyone is around an fancies a day out early next week, or in the future, drop me a note. I was over at Shorn Cliff with @bullopolis last weekend and loved it so would be happy to return, but equally open to suggestions.



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Shorn cliff rocks! :+1:

Weekend of 15-16th! Let’s all go visit Chris!

Hi Chris, I live in Stroud and am in the Wye a lot as my girlfriend lives there. Not been climbing much lately due to ‘stuff’, but looking to get out more, will PM you later,

What sort of stuff are you looking to get on?

I’m based on Poole, and whilst I can’t do the start of next week or the next few weekends in general I’m keen to get out - the Mendips cragging is just about in day range for me and Swanage/Portland probably the same in the other direction for you?


Great, drop me a message @chizharward


Hi Andy,

I’m quite relaxed - single or multiple pitch, trad generally (happy leading E1, will second whatever) and would do sport. How about yourself?

I’m happy exploring the area, equally happy taking the drive down to Swanage / Portland occasionally for the day



Cool! I’m in Abergavenny on the Saturday but heading back on the Sunday so let me know, that could work!

Paul - I’d be up for some west country climbing on the 15-16th.

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Pembroke could be interesting for next weekend. Just saying.

It’s a long way and I think I’m doing a birthday drinks on the 14th so was thinking of a shorter hit

I tend to do a mix of stuff depending on what I can fit into the time available, especially over the last few years. Keen to try to do more trad over the next year or so though because that’s the one which suffers most from the “what I can fit in” approach. Ive only done a handful of trad routes since my son was born, they were similar-ish grades to you.

Sounds good to me. Let me know when youre next available and we can pencil something in.


Me too at some point :blush: