Weekend in Wales

@dadler and_ I are intending weather permitting, to trip to Wales this weekend, either staying at the cottage, or Pembroke; departing Oakwood tube Friday at approx 18.00hrs. I have two spaces in the car…

I’m up for it.

Great show David. Is there a fourth climber out there; the more the merrier.

There’s a gathering of olde club members in the cottage this weekend so expect lots of talk of various ailments, snoring, general grumbling and a busy kitchen on Saturday

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Sounds familiar, almost home from home!

The weather forecast is vile. Which is really annoying, as it’s put an end to my Yorkshire grit plans. Pembroke looks marginal on Saturday but ok Sunday?

We are in Wales now. It’s pissing down! And more of the same tomorrow.

you could always do the next coat of plaster behind the burner, whilst getting plastered :wink: !

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I’ll drink to that

Today is gloriously sunnyDSC_0003

It was pretty nice in Matlock Bath in the end too!


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Great to see everyone. The hangover less so.

I don’t have any photos of dinosaurs, but I do have climbing ones.

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