Weekend climbing1

Hi all,
I wanted to ask around if there are any plans to go climbing this weekend?

Keen to go anywhere with good weather :wink:



I’m hoping to either be at kilnsey or water cum jolly this weekend but
going from York.

Oooh in Pembroke but got a proj at wcj … Have to meet up sometime :slight_smile:
Hope you get out jan :slight_smile:

I’m up for Pembroke, @janderkran

Yeah! Sounds super

Excellent- we are camping at bosherston!
Any picos de europa info appreciated too :slight_smile:

I have a guide book to Picos …

Oooh which one @matthewtaylor? :slight_smile: could we borrow pls? Going with martina spisikova who you may know from castle/ mile end … Any route beta? Thanks :slight_smile: liz

Anyone else interested in going to wonderful Pembroke? I have 2 cars spaces.

I would be keen if someone else is too and would want to partner up. Seems a shame to let an opportunity to go to Pembroke pass by. A possibility for anyone?

I could possibly join if you’re happy partnering up @dadler. What would be leaving/coming back day & time?

18:30 from Oakwood (Picadilly ;line), or Enfield Chase (mainline) or Enfield Town (mainline).

Hi all,
Sounds super.

We would be leaving from Oakwood tomorrow after work and come back Sunday



I am keen to come! Is 5 too many?

Uh-oh now everyone wants to come!

@khalidqasrawi you go instead of me- was sortt of a reach for me anyway as I have s bunch of work stuff hanging over my head. Next time.

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@dadler - you have first dibs on the seat - I was only putting my name on the queue really

haha now it sounds like I’m not a popular climbing partner!

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That depends what’s on your tick list!

oh but I don’t have a tick list :worried: some cool E1-E2s?