Weekend 31 Aug - 1 September and onwards

Ello all

I’m planning to drive up to the peak on Friday, meeting a Canadian fellow who has been posting on UKC. Have two spaces so good for another pair to join. Probably back to London on Tues or Weds evening.

I’ll sleep in my van, I think Mr Canada is at the ULMC hut in Hathersage.

Plans after that include going to Scotland (free up there from 10th) and then the New Members Meet (weather permitting).

Anyone interested in buddying up at some point? Climbed my first E2s recently and want to keep the momentum up!

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Hey Tom! I’d definitely be interested. Currently up at the hut with my “van” with not much of a plan after this weekend. Grade goals sound aligned too!

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@jobangles cool man, any wishlist routes you’d be keen on?