Wadi Rum Recommendations

Hi guys,
I hope you are all doing fine. I will be going to Wadi Rum, Jordan coming February. Wanted to ask if anyone of you guys has been there and has route recommendations or any other tips :wink:

Cheers and best wishes from Germany…


@Catrin and @guyarnold were there last month so I’m sure they can help!

Hey Jan,

Yes plenty of recommendations - will send over when we’ve got a moment (currently away with the family).

That’s funny a friend of mine (non club member) was looking same. Could I trouble you to ping to me too whenever you have a mo - much appreciated.


@cathrin that sounds like you have all the infos :wink: would be super if you could tell me more!

@gareth, sure you can write to me through the chat.



Hi Jan and Gareth,

Sorry I’ve been so slow getting back to you. If you look here(https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/destinations/wadi_rum_beta-712273?v=1#x9081297) I posted rather a lot of info about some of the logistical challenges with climbing in Wadi Rum which it’s very much worth reading. I have the number of a local bloke who can sort you out with good accommodation, food and trips into the desert - pm me if you’re interested.

On routes, the general rule is that the guidebook underestimates the grade (particularly on the ‘easy’ sections - some decents in particular) and is generally quite confusing and rather rubbish. makes for an adventure though! Someone has posted the new routes book online (referenced in that thread) so I would look at that.

I would spend the first couple of days acclimatising to the rock with the ‘normal’ routes on the east face of jebel rum and in the Rabakhat canyon area (e.g. goldfinger, apperitif). The rock takes a bit of getting used to so doing some of these more conventional climbs will set you up well. If you want more of a challenge on conventional routes then head to barrah canyon and sleep there for a least a couple of nights - loads of routes to go at if you can climb HVS/E1 upwards. Merlin’s wand is the obvious classic (there are queues so get there early).

For more of an adventure there are the Bedouin routes. We found the guidebook to severly underestimate the time required to complete these routes. The route finding is challenging (basically follow your nose and some tiny cairns) but not impossible, though it makes the whole process quite slow. Be prepared for a lot of soloing on sanding slabs over massive canyons on ‘easy’ terrain. Quite unforgettable, experience though. We did the West East traverse of Jebel Rum sleeping on top of the mountain.

Climb in the shade - it’s really hot in the sun!