Very sad news about Andy Reid

Very sad news

It is with deepest regret that we have to let you all know of the sudden death of our one and only Andy Reid. He passed away unexpectedly yesterday (Wednesday 27th) Although we don’t have any more details at this moment, we wanted to share this very sad news with you.

Andy has been a crucial part of the MECW family for over 20 years and his contribution to our charitable ventures, development and day-to-day operations has been immeasurable. This is an unthinkable loss for our team. Our thoughts are with Andy’s wife, Fiona, his family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.

Mile End Climbing Wall

And now on UKC

I never really knew him beyond a friendly face at the wall and a few jokes, so since I won’t have somewhere else to share, I thought I’d put it here :

I remember, years ago when I first lived in London and Mile End was my route to sanity, not so many years after it opened, talking with Andy and hearing about the difficulties keeping the wall alive. Some people in the council had looked at the site and mistakenly thought it could be more valuable for something other than the climbing wall. Thus, the wall was always under threat of being evicted - which he was pretty sure could finish the wall. Andy would go down to the council when the renewal was due and pay the rent in advance; of course nobody rejects money. With the money already in the bank account, there would be the need to pay the wall back before any eviction and so a much more difficult procedures. Nobody ever did get around to evicting them and the wall has continued so much longer than anyone could imagine in those days.

Great guy ; great commitment to making something for climbers in London ; other members tell me he was great friend of NLMC through the years.



So sad to hear this news, poor Andy. Mile End won’t seem the same.

Very sad news. Andy was a big part of our lives, directly and indirectly, and I have many hugely positive memories of training, working, climbing with him. Gratitude to him for all the climber support and education he’s done over the decades.