Verdon Gorge 10-19 May

Rob and I are going to the Verdon Gorge 10-19th May. Others are welcome to join us, but note that it is most definitely not single pitch sports climbing so ensure you’ve checked out what is involved before committing to come! Please do get in touch if you’re interested.


David, there are some single pitch routes there, starting on ledges not far below the rim.

True, but the main action is on the main walls: long multi-pitch routes. Rather more serious than most casual Spanish sports crags.

800-1500 ft to the ground.
Ab down to a bolt belay and then climb out or jug back up your ab rope (which is ok for top out pitches, but you may be hanging in space.)

For multi-pitch routes think big wall not climbing wall.

With a burly belayer you can top rope the top pitches of some of the roadside routes to get the full exposure, but with a more relaxed feel.

On the up side, if you drop a chalk bag from the top at the popular roadside view point, about 30 secs later you get to see a “Wily Coyete” “Puff” from the bottom as chalk bag hits the deck!

There are other sports crags in the area, but I never went to those. It is very scenic and there are some walks along paths down in gorge where headtorches would be useful! (tunnels)

Brilliant single pitch sport routes here’s in Sicily where we are at the moment. Everything from 2a to 8a. Not that 8a would be of the slightest interest to me but the 5s and lower 6s are.

Brilliant rosti and beer here. Lunch under the north face of the Eiger. Cloud hanging to it after last nights storm. Looks wet and miserable up there. Will stick with the skiing.

Storms running through Kalymnos right now but didn’t stop me and @guyarnold onsighting 7a today.

Oh yeah, Verdon. Would love to but it’s too close to the Scotland trip I’ve planned I’m afraid.

Are you in San Vito, @Haszko? Very hot here in 'nam.

In San Vito indeed. Mixed weather but plenty good enough for a lot of mileage. The ’ Nam is hot as I recall.