Tuesday evenings Castle lead training

I regularly go to the Castle Climbing Centre with Chris Colebroke (accidental alliteration!) for a lead climbing session. The aim is to get some volume done and work on endurance so we choose the taller walls, easier route grades and will do sets of 2 or 3 routes rather than alternating.

Why not join us? All welcome. We typically get there 7pm.

Message here if you’re coming along.

I’m going to be at the Castle next Tuesday. See you there!

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Good to know Khalid! Mel and I will look out for you guys next time we’re there and try and coincide, will be a good nudge to get around to doing more leading since we bought our indoor rope and never use it?!

Won’t be there this week unfortunately as I’ve sprained my wrist (did I mention I’ve sprained my wrist?!) but will be joining you soon!

Loving the new forum.


Glad to know you’re enjoying the forum. It’ll help get training and socials a bit more organised.

Hope your wrist gets better soon.

Good group at the Castle last night. @ChrisColebrook, @Manchi, @Tim_McD, @jo_keogh, @semenov_serge.

It was super busy but Chris and I still managed to get a load of lead routes done. Come along next week to join the team @hollymoy1 and Melanie!

Will do! My duff wrist is a bit better now.

Anyone going tonight? Or are you all at Mile End? I will try and come along!


Khalid and myself are heading to the Castle for more lead training tonight if anyone fancies it.

@ChrisColebrook and @khalidqasrawi - Would love to come and join you guys for a leading session at The Castle next Tuesday if you’re going and don’t mind me tagging along? And Chris did you say its next Weds (16th) you’re running the bouldering session? Will try and come to that too :slight_smile: I will try and get our indoor rope back from Mel before Tues!

Hi guys. Sounds good as I haven’t been able to make Wednesdays. No climbing for a month! Only me though I could bring a rope. Let me know holly if you don’t have one. Martin😀

Hello! I’ve only met one or two of you so far but I’d love to join the Castle sessions. I prefer rope climbing to bouldering but I always struggle to find someone to go with :slight_smile: I don’t have a rope but I’ve done lots of top rope and quite a bit of lead climbing…Are people having a session any time soon, that I might join?

Claudia x

Hi Claudia! Of course, I go to the Castle quite a bit, I’ll be there the
week after next and can meet for a climb for sure. Climb and lead (and I
have a rope we can use :slight_smile: ). What days are you free?

Jo x

Monday is the unofficial NLMC night at the Castle. You can often find @dabarlow, @joannekeogh22, @ChrisColebrook, @hughmerritt, @Manchi, @Tim_McD and @willboxall there. But the Castle is now so big, it’s really unlikely that you find someone there.

Tuesdays, @ChrisColebrook and I go and do some hardcore endurance training (i.e. shall we try that route, it looks a bit soft). That’s when we’re around.

I suggest we try again to organise Mondays. And use the following thread:-

Hi Joanne! Next week I’m free Monday-Wednesday so any of these nights would work for me! Looking forward to meeting you! X

Hey guys… You going tomorrow night? Room for 1 more? Should I bring a rope? Cheers Martin.

Yes, I’ll be there. I’m moving the conversation onto the Monday night Castle meet thread.

Heading down to the castle tonight - who else is coming? @ChrisColebrook and @khalidqasrawi assuming I’m going to see you guys there? Anyone else fancy it so we have even numbers?!