Trevor Panther enquiry

I’ve had an enquiry asking if we have any info on Trevor Panther, who according to our club history was a main influence. He used to be a PE teacher in Chigwell.
Do we have any details for him? @Sarah_Rae is he still a member?

He was a huge influence on the sandstone and I am sure if he’d passed away there’d have been a mention of it on UKC.
The chap who runs this website, Mike Vetterlein, would surely know more? There’s contact details for him here

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Cool thanks!

I can check the membership list later but I don’t think so, sure I’d remember that surname!

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This sounds like the beginning of one of those horror video from the GDPR training where then Sarah accidentally leaks all the contacts from the membership list to a different Holly. And it ends with Matt going “Oh, we will need to report this”.


Not … the ICO?!?

Trevor’s not still a member - the BMC database only goes back a few years*, so not sure when that might have changed :frowning: