Tips for Cornwall

Hi all

We’re thinking of going to Cornwall on a weekend get way camping. Anyone recommends a good place ? Also my partner doesn’t climb so appreciate if you know some bouldering spots.

Thanks in advance


Do you mean down near Penzance (that’s where climbers usually think of as being Cornwall, but it is so long!)?

If so for bouldering then the headlands either side of St Ives, Clodgy and Godrevy, look to have the most extensive bouldering. That’s where I was meant to be at the moment…

I’ve stayed at the Trevaylor campsite before and also at the one behind the north Inn in Pendeen.

If it’s for south-west bouldering though, I would say that Dartmoor is a lot closer and probably more extensive, or maybe the Culm (I’ve not done much here myself but some bits look good) if being by the sea and probably technically in Cornwall is an important part of the package

Thanks @ajmorris228

Clodgy sounds a good place to stay around. :slight_smile: