This weekend, the cottage

Productivity not very high this morning for some reason. Off to the cottage for some hut maintenance and climbing, anyone about for a climb? Will be up all weekend/poss monday too. May have the dog with me.

BTW If anyone has spotted anything wrong at the cottage or barn, let me know asap and will add to list and look at it this weekend.

Wish I could be at the cottage. So depressed . Even chatted to people on the tube this morning as we were all as devestated as each other.

Driving to the cottage tonight if you want a lift?


I’ll be there, along with Naomi, Simon and Stephen. Heading over straight
after work.

Chiz, quick hobble up Siabod?

Hi @willboxall, see you up there. I’m in Stroud so would be a bit of a diversion for you!

Talking to strangers on the tube? It’s the End Days.

Sadly it probably is.
See you soon

@hkirk777, ace, see you all there!
Siabod tonight? Sure thing.

Also planning to head to the independent republic of Gwyneth this evening.
Just need to check when I have to start carrying my passport with me,
Lucy and gang

See you there! Chiz, bring the dog!!!

I will see you all at the cottage this weekend too. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you on the crag as I have other plans but it will be good to catch up with you all anyway.

Hi all

I’ll be in Wales but not at Cottage as climbing with someone staying at Ynys (in the Pass) … but maybe see you :slight_smile:


Wish I could make it up there. Would take my mind off stuff and give you a chance to put me in my place over a beer (so much more civilized).

Aurelio (Grumpy about Brexit) Barranco

P.S. Had a chat on the bus to a very happy 79 year old lady who told me she and all her retired friends had voted out, although she didn’t think her son and grandson were very happy with her, but then she’d seen so much change and it was all about the immigration wasn’t it.

And there in a single five minute conversation is the entire campaign L