The Wye Valley - underrated!

The Wye Valley is bloody lovely! I’m with @Max_A - underrated. @dabarlow and @khalidqasrawi I accept that it’s not Pembroke, but Wintour’s Leap was delightful.

@guyarnold @Catrin @dadler - a weekend jolly is in order! Specifically I would like to do this:

Also a tonne of good stuff in the VS to E2 range as far as I can tell. Here’s some beauty shots.

Also, Beeches Farm campsite is a 10 minute drive and they let you have camp fires. What’s not to love?

I did say…

And Shorncliffe is about ten minute walk through the woods from Beeches. And has a proper nice view.


I spend a lot of time in the Wye (literally) and it has some great climbing and is very easy to get to via M4. Plus the Severn toll is getting scrapped soon so will be even cheaper.

Just avoid Tintern Quarry!

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This looks awesome Paul. @chizharward what’s the deal with Tintern? I haven’t been…

In the time I was in Cheltenham I was never inspired enough to visit (never ran out of things elsewhere) but Tintern has one wall of mainly 7s which is reputedly quite good surrounded by miles of choss in a huge hole in the ground with occasional access issues.

The Wye is good though. Wintours has some good low-mid E grades, Shorncliff some excellent HVSs, Huntsham some excellent bouldering and the other crags, even the Yat, have the odd gem scattered about.

I’d certainly be up for a visit, looks great!

If anyone does come for a visit I’m usually here about half the week and up for a climb.
The canoeing and swimming is good too