The rules according to blue ice

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Now I just need to go and work on no. 15…

I like rule 15: Talk about doing shit < Doing shit

24 and 25 are good!
What’s wrong with keeping the chalk bag on something that’s not a cord or webbing?

Just try climbing an off width or chimney… If it’s attached to the back of your harness it becomes inaccessible.

fair enough… but would you really need chalk if you’re using your whole body to push upwards?

this is a fail when you realise a Munter hitch is a.k.a an Italian hitch.

  • MĂĽnter hitches are for Germans only.

yeah, i think these are the americano rules (numbers 33, 37 and 38, and when have you ever heard someone say Chamonicks?)

I have definitely heard someone say it with Ch as in Charlie. Blue ice is french so they’re taking every opportunity to make a language point.

Pulling on gear and top roping aren’t covered.
Tape vs. paint as identification on climbing kit.
Number of unnecessary straps on and compartments in rucksacks needs a rule too.

Maybe we need to author our own NLMC oriented rules.