The Refurbished Shed!

Glorious summer morning here in Snowdonia, waiting for the waste collectors to come and take all the old crap from the old shed.

On which note, CHECK OUT THE NEW SHED!

Amazing vision and work from Chiz to bring to this to reality, and amazing hard work from everyone this weekend and at previous meets to get to this stage. Hurrah!


Bow before the awesome that is the new shed! It has shelves and a level floor and potential camping space next door and a jacuzzi* and everything.

  • caution, may not actually contain a jacuzzi
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Nice work everyone! Looks like a rather grand for ‘a shed’.

I’d best get over and paint it red sooner than later methinks.

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That would be super. The door is a temporary one.

Please do Kelvin! Bargeboards, window shutters and frame are all ready and primed. Door needs building and door frame needs a stop adding. But is nearly there. We could sort a weekend out to finish off and get some climbing done?

Cracking work over both days by an all-star cast, thank you all. There is more to do, including racking, but it is already a massive improvement, was just amazing how much was stuffed in there. The secret will be to keep it organised, and stop hoarding!

And yes, Vilius et al cleared the area next to it which is now flat and will be reseeded as a camping spot.

Great work Team.